Lunch is a very important meal of the day. If breakfast kick starts your mornings by setting the primary energy to get you going for the first half of the day, lunch provides the essential energy boost in the middle of the day, raises your blood sugar level and makes you stay focussed for the rest part of the afternoon.

Lunch is especially important for kids because this is time; they get the required nutrients for their body. Getting necessary supplements is a must otherwise the mental and physical developments of our bodies will be affected.

In this article, we will talk about the simplest yet healthy lunch recipes that will pump your appetite, energy, mood and keep you get going round the clock.

1.Chicken salad sandwich:

Chicken salad sandwich-healthy lunch

Give this classic sandwich a push of protein by adding Greek yogurt and using wholegrain bread. Each of this tarragon chicken salad sandwich carries around 31 grams of protein. They are filling and keep you full till 4 pm.

2. Waffle turkey Panini:

Waffle turkey Panini-Healthy lunch

The combination of cheese, bacon and grilled turkey slices tastes like heaven. You can skip the cheese add some smashed avocado and iceberg lettuce pieces to make the meal crunchy. The meal contains around 33 grams of protein.

3. Classic Italian soup:

Classic Italian soup-Healthy lunch

This is a beautiful and zesty soup rich with flavors, yet so organic and healthy. The benefits of vegetables and protein from chicken are both in it. The broth is cooked slowly with fresh lime juice and lots of herbs and a little pinch of salt. This soup contains 260 calories.

4. Veggie hummus wraps:

Veggie hummus wraps-healthy lunch

This complete vegan sandwich is protein packed. Besides the veggies, goat cheese and homemade hummus provide around 30 grams of protein. Spinach, kale blend, colorful bell pepper and plain hummus mixed with oil and cherry tomatoes go best in these wraps. Brilliant for school kids as well.

5. Oven baked herb salmon:

Oven baked herb salmon-healthy lunch

If you don’t have time to cook your lunch, then this is the dish to go for. You just need to season the piece of fish with extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and black pepper, oregano and chopped parsley. Put another dollop of olive oil and put it to get baked for 10 minutes. You can enjoy this nutritious and delectable salmon with some sautéed brown rice and veggies.

6. Tuna quinoa toss:

Tuna quinoa toss-healthy lunch

This super easy and fast lunch is just about how well you toss! No cooking it involves. Quick dressing blend of tuna slices, quinoa, chickpeas, avocado slices, and feta cheese. That’s it, toss it well with a pinch of ground salt and sprinkle some olive oil. Pack it in a lunchbox or serve it in a salad bowl and serve.

7. Roasted Brussels sprouts:

Roasted Brussels sprouts- healthy lunch

Crispy and tender sprouts are simply baked in olive oil and thyme, salt and pepper. You can’t beat the classic taste of this dish. You can add some button mushroom pieces and sprinkle chia seeds to enhance its portion and make it a family dish.

8. Greek slaw and tofu pita:

Greek slaw and tofu pita-Healthy lunch

No easier lunch meal is there than this 15 minutes healthy stuffed pita recipe. Each of these pitas is packed with seasoned tofu slices and Greek slaw. These make it a super healthy lunchtime meal which gives you around 32 grams of protein and required fiber for smooth gut health.

9. Shrimp, broccolini and Farro beet salad:

Shrimp, broccolini and Farro beet salad-Healthy lunch

Last night’s leftover shrimps can work wonderfully as a high protein lunch for today if it is put in a salad along with faro, beets, broccolini and lots of fresh herbs. Each bite of this salad is contained with around 35 grams of protein.

10. Herbed pork tenderloin:

Herbed pork tenderloin-Healthy Lunch

This dish carries a heavenly combination of taste and health. Spinach, kale and creamy feta make a beautifully rich base. On top of it, slices of seasoned, juicy pork and black olive slices. This is a power lunch item that keeps you warm for at least 4 hours. A portion of this dish carries 30 grams of protein.

11. Pasta a Fagioli:

Pasta a Fagioli-Healthy lunch

Many people credit their grandmas for inventing this traditional low-fat and high nutrient pasta dish. You should cook it a big bowl following the old school style. Boiled Pancetta, oil, veggies, herbs, bay leaf, salt and pepper, and tomatoes should be cooked in a pot nice and slow until each ingredient oozes its unique flavor.

12. Leek and shrimp spaghetti:

Leek and shrimp spaghetti-Healthy lunch

All you need for this dish is peeled shrimps, frozen peas, chopped celery and shallots, and some herbs.  Many people use lemon extracts. Go for homemade wheat spaghetti and sautéed veggies if you want to make it a wholesome lunch platter. Before serving, sprinkle some roasted cashew nuts and sesame seeds.

13. Beef stir fry:

Beef stir fry- Healthy Lunch

The most awesome thing about this high protein fat-free dish is, you can add any vegetable to complement the crisp and tender beef pieces. Carrots, beans, baby corns, avocado slices, shallots, thyme, broccoli, bell pepper, garlic, and baby tomato, all these can be simply stir-fried or cooked slowly in chicken or vegetable steak.

14. Strawberry yogurt muffins:

Strawberry yogurt muffins-healthy lunch

This is a super yummy and healthy fruit snack that can be relished in lunch breaks. They are easy to freeze, and kids are crazy about it. When the season of strawberry is in, go for this dessert. You can try it with all season favorite bananas or juicy apples as well.

15 Low-fat rice pudding:

Low-fat rice pudding-Healthy lunch

Try to use your leftover plain rice and turn it into a healthy lunchtime pudding by adding fat-free milk, dates, banana slices, crumbled almonds, and nuts. This dessert too can be easily frozen. You can keep it in a tiny container and put it in your office bag as well.

Other healthy lunch items:

In quick soups, lentil and mushroom soup, honey lemon chicken soup and spinach kale black bean soups are great. Minimalist lunch items also include yogurt cucumber sandwich, chickpea cottage cheese wraps, etc.

Some Health Spices: Turmeric Benefits, Ginger Benefits, Garlic Benefits.


All our lives are getting faster, but that doesn’t mean we will skip the essential meals. Skipping lunch can lead to a lot of ailments. Try to keep your lunch simple, healthy, tasty and most importantly, timely.

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