As a herb, basil leaves also known as Tulsi leaves, if you remember and get a little back to a few years back, have you heard about the famous “Tulsi wali chai”, a cure and as well as a herbal tea which was somehow the favorite amongst the other flavored chai.

What Basil is? These are also known as saint-josephs-wort. These leaves are native to tropical regions from central Africa to Southeast Asia.

Some Nutrition Facts about the Basil Leaves

BASIL leaves as an herb, is a good source of magnesium, and helps in promoting blood flow. These leaves are also a good source of Vitamin A and promote healthy eyesight.

We have already considered and included this herb (Basil Leaves) our previous article of Popular 7 Herbs and Spices with the Amazing Health Benefits.


You are the king or queen of your own kitchens and your own style cuisines, so you have the freedom to use whatever you want to. You may have a choice of being using these leaves in your cooking and get some precious health benefits. Like other spice and herbs, this herb (basil leaves) also proposed health benefits like; reducing inflammation and combined with anti-aging and antibacterial properties.

Again with endless health benefits, we are taking you to a tour of our selective 8 Health Benefits of Basil Leaves below:

1) Basil Leaves with Powerful Antioxidants

To start with basil leaves first health benefit, let us amazed you with its high antioxidant content property. We usually have a though of present antioxidants only in berries or food like fruits and vegetables. But these leaves are considered as one of the best and excellent way of antioxidants. The present reintin and viceninare are the factors which can actually help to protect white blood cells.

These (basil leaves) also known to help fight free radical damage.

2) Improves the Digestion

Moving to another benefit, Basil leaves are good for the digestive and nervous system which could lead to the best home remedy for headaches and insomnia. This is a basic cure which can be used orally for stomach issues, like loss of appetite, intestinal gas, diarrhea, and constipation.

The eugenol within these leaves ensures the anti-inflammatory action in the digestive tract. Where these (basil leaves) will help in balancing acid within the human body and restores the body’s proper Ph level.

3) Beneficial towards Skin

With an overall study, the fact of being healthy for our skin (this herb) also helps us in the form of oil to cleanse the skin from within. As if as outside excellent skin cleanser these leaves can work for us, so what would be the effect if we will start consuming these leaves as raw in the morning with a glass of water?

As an outside toner basil leaves help to remove dirt and impurities the clog skin pores.

4) Help in Fighting Cancer

Before you start to swallow these leaves, we want to convey about these leaves present property of phytochemicals which may be able to naturally help to cure cancer according to a published article in the journal of “Nutrition and Cancer “. So we will recommend you to start taking these leaves under proper consultancy to get help and fight with the huge disease like Cancer!

5) Depression Fighter

You can consume basils leaves (essential oil) which may help you in managing the depression and anxiety too. Basil is a powerful adaptogen and an anti-stress agent, which will stimulate neurotransmitters and regulate the system of hormones that affects inducing happiness and energy. With the available properties like anti-inflammatory and immune boosting this herb will also help to manage the stress level too.

6) Manages Diabetes

For the diabetics, what is more important? Of course the slow release in sugar in the blood, which will very helpful and essential for diabetes, so as this basil leaves will do it for you!

7) Anti-bacterial Herb

Basil leaves will do magic, as these leaves are a natural way to boost our body immune system and fight for such pre-existing infections. These will also amaze you with helping to inhibit resistant strains of bacteria, even unable to respond to antibiotics.

8) Helps in Detoxify (body) and Liver Function

Detox Body

The liver could be considered as the second heart of the human body, as this essential organ actually plays a very crucial role in metabolism. With Basil leaves detox property, it may do wonders for our liver health. These leaves also help in protecting fat build-up in the liver and keep it healthy.

So if you haven’t tried this herb in your culinary yet, then start it for now even as fresh or in a dry form. These are especially cooked or served as toppings in Italian cuisines. Where maximum people tried such dishes as made of tomato, pesto, soups, salads, and dishes (chicken meat), etc.

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Jaya Chopra

Jaya Chopra