About US

We at Effective Home Remedy provide all our visitors a platform to maintain a healthy lifestyle, boost resistance and combat nearly all common illness by providing precise home remedies and recommendations. Our main motto is to give visitors in-depth awareness of the known diseases, and ways to prevent and treat these illnesses by adapting some proven remedies from the comfort of their home. Maybe due to workload or frantic standard of living, people these days are stricken by many diseases (as they do not pay much attention to their health).

All these therapies are being given by the professional Allopathic, Ayurvedic or Homeopathic doctors who are self-assured to treat them all via good lifestyle, better diet and by using some Effective Home Remedies. In short, we are a team of dedicated professional Doctors, Dietitians, Physical Trainers and Health Experts who are working ingeniously to trace some effective home remedies of some universal diseases that are distressing our daily life.

Disclaimer: All the content material written on is projected to make you conscious of general health issues and the ways to overcome them at the convenience of your home. But every human body behaves differently to different prescription, so it is highly recommended to consult with your family/ professional doctors prior following /or/ in case you are sensitive /or/ for prolonged use of any of these REMEDIES. We are NOT responsible for any negative result /or/ effects on any individual.

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