Ants are the insects which are most common around our households. These small creatures live in colonies and they can survive literally anywhere. To protect themselves mother nature has blessed them with strings. Through which they protect them from attackers. There are more than 22,000 species on planet earth and these species have different kinds of stings.

Most of these bites are usually not very harmful but some stings can cause severe pain. For instance, stings of bullet ants are very harmful. Bullet ants got their name from the pain that is caused by there bite that is considered equivalent to a bullet hit. In this kind of scenario, you must go to a doctor for treatment. However, these ants are only found in very specific regions of South and Central America. So’ you will have a hard time finding them.

However, bites of common ants can also be very painful. Basically, ant bite is more of a sting. Ants inject a poison that is a combination of various proteins. This sting can have an allergic effect on skin, hence it can cause severe pain.

Ant Bites: Symptoms


Symptoms of ant bites can also vary with species. But generally, they are very common among the common species. For a reference, we are taking into account the sting of fire ants and here are its symptoms.

  • Fire ants are small in size and usually are black and red in color, are very aggressive and venomous.
  • Their bites develop a red pimple on the surface with a blister on top.
  • Burn and itch in this area last nearly a week.
  • If one is allergic to it it can be very severe too. It can result in swelling, difficulty in breathing and even hallucinations in some cases.

Ant Bites: Home Remedies

Here are some easy home remedies that you can follow to minimize symptoms of ant bites.

Lemon Juice-Home-Remedies

Remedy I

Lemon Juice can be very effective for ant bites. It can give you relief from pain and itchiness. To use it just squeeze a lemon and apply the juice on the affected area of skin. It will surely help.

Remedy II

Vinegar is also an effective home remedy for ant bites. It reduces the chance of infection by cleaning up the affected region. However, it must be used in diluted from i.e by mixing it with water. Applying it directly would be too harsh on the skin.

Remedy III

Ice could also be applied to the region of an ant bite. Its cooling effect will lower the pain and reduce the itchiness. Furthermore, it can also be effective for reducing the swelling too.

Remedy IV

One more effective remedy for ant bite that is easily available at home is Honey. It will be helpful in reducing the swelling. All you have to do is just apply it on the affected area and keep it there for some time and then after 10 to 20 minutes rinse it with water. It will help in smoothing of the skin and will reduce the pain caused by itchiness.

Remedy V

Herbal Tea is very good for one’s health plus it is also helpful against ant bites too. To use it just rub the used tea bag gently against the affected area of your skin and soon it will give you some relief. It contains anti-oxidants that are good for the skin and will help in reducing the itchiness.

Remedy VI

Cucumber is also very effective against ant bites. It also has a cooling effect similar to ice but it also has some other contents too that are good for your skin. All you have to do is to cut a piece of cucumber and apply it on the affected area of skin.

Remedy VII

You can also apply baking soda to heal the ant bite. It will reduce the swelling and give relief. To apply it just mix it with some water and rub on the affected area.

Common Salt-Home Remedies

Remedy VIII

Common salt is also very effective against ant bites. It reduces the swelling and pain caused by itching. Using it is also very easy. Just like baking soda mix it with water and apply it on the bitten area.

Remedy IX

Another thing that is easily available at home and you can apply on ant bite is toothpaste. It is very similar too baking soda and will help in the reduction of pain and swelling. To use apply it directly on the skin and leave it for some time before cleaning it from the water.

Remedy X

An ayurvedic herb that can heal almost any skin problem is Aloe Vera and it can also reduce itchiness in case of ant bites too. It is a cooling agent and it also contains several other skin essentials too. All you have to do is just apply its gel to the skin.



Ants are one of the oldest creatures that roam the planet earth. There surviving abilities allow them to live in any place on planet earth. So it is impossible you haven’t seen their colony near you. Their bite that is a sting is generally not very harmful. However, if you are allergic to their poison then it can cause hallucinations and sickness too. Well, ant bite is surely not lethal but it can cause a lot of irritation too. Hence you should always stay away from these creatures to avoid their defense action. But someway somehow you get bitten they you must use one of the aforementioned home remedies. All the remedies mentioned above are easy to apply and all the ingredients are easily available at home. These remedies will surely prove to be very effective. They will reduce the swelling, will lower the pain and itchiness but they won’t have any instant effect. They will take their time to act but will surely give relief. You can also use some other synthetic medicines too but using them might have some side effect on your skin but it isn’t a case with home remedies.

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