Scabies or Scabies rash is a contagious skin disease, which is caused by the infestation of the parasite, Sarcoptes scabiei. It is a tiny mite which, when comes in contact with skin, start to burrow into the skin surface. These mites form rashes, red patches and even blisters on the infected area. This causes a lot of itching and uneasiness. Scabies spreads quickly and is also very contagious. Scabies becomes even more severe if the mites are females since they lay eggs inside these burrows. The eggs later hatch and again start the same cycle going even deeper into the skin.

Scabies has significantly increased in the recent years. It has been found that the countries with more forest cover and also low economy have a higher scale of scabies. According to the reports by WHO (World Health Organisation), over 130 million people are affected by Scabies, at any point of time, globally. Also, it has been found that the rates of scabies being occurred is up-to 46% in the recent literature.

Scabies: Symptoms


Commonly, scabies can be self diagnosed because of the following symptoms:

  • Red rashes on the skin and irritation on patches of skin.
  • Formation of blisters and flakiness.
  • Extreme itchiness.

In some of the cases, the infected person may even notice the following symptoms:

  • Marks of tiny bites from the mites or bumps of the bites.
  • Patterns of trails where the mites burrowed into the skin.
  • Sored skin for the extreme itchiness.

Home Remedies for Scabies:

Remedy 1:

Tea tree oil is not only a renowned essential oil but also a popular home remedy for scabies. Many experiments and studies have been conducted to see the effectiveness of tea tree oil and it has emerged as being effective in the treatment of scabies. Though it a household favorite, more studies are required to see its effectiveness. The oil is more helpful against the lurking mites but is weak for treating the eggs laid deep in the skin.

Tea tree oil is easily available in cosmetic markets and also online. In case of people who are allergic to tea tree oil, they should avoid treating scabies with its help. If so, you can try any of the following methods.

Remedy 2:

Aloe Vera Gel-Home Remedies

Aloe vera is highly versatile for many allergies and skin related issues. It is not only great for soothing sunburns and other skin ailments, but also for treating scabies. Aloe vera is among the most used treatments because of minimum to no side effects.

Aloe vera gel can be scraped out of fresh aloe vera and can also be purchased online. According to a study conducted for treating scabies with aloe vera, it was found that the aloe vera gel is as effective as a prescription drug called benzyl benzoate.

Remedy 3:

Neem oil is extracted from the neem leaves and is a very important oil in the treatment of many skin ailments. It can easily be found in many cosmetic products such as creams and ointments. It can also be purchased online directly as oil or in cosmetic form. Neem is a traditional Indian remedy which has great medicinal properties such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.

It is not only a household favourite but also has been proven effective according to various scientific studies. These tests have been conducted on animals and then on humans and thus showed a significant result. It is believed that neem extracts kill scabies’ mite.

Remedy 4:

Clove Oil is another proven and tested treatment for scabies. An experiment has shown that clove oil is the most effective oil in the treatment of scabies. No other oil is as useful as clove oil. This study was first conducted on pigs and rabbits and gave highly positive results.

Many people resort to clove oil as the number one home remedy for scabies and some other skin ailments. It can be purchased online at very low and reasonable prices.

Remedy 5:

Cayenne Pepper - Home Remedy

To reduce the itchiness and the pain from the burrows and scratches on the skin Capsaicin, an extract found in the cayenne peppers, is very useful. Many people believe it to be a very effective home remedy against the tiny mites of scabies.

Cayenne pepper has been found useful not only through personal experiences but has been proven effective according to studies also. It has been found that Capsaicin when used on the infected skin directly, makes the skin less sensitive and thus is very effective to alleviate the pain and also reduce the irritation and itchiness.

Remedy 6:

turmeric- home remedy for scabies

Turmeric, also known as the medicine of household, is also known to be effective against scabies. Though there is not much scientific proof for the effectiveness of turmeric in the treatment of scabies. However, many people have used it and believe in its usefulness in alleviating the symptoms.

If you are using turmeric, it is advised that you use a light paste of it on the infected area. Also, to relieve the pain, you can drink some hot milk with turmeric in it.

Remedy 7:

When treating scabies, there are certain secondary symptoms and infections that you need to take care of, and for this, Zinc is a very useful treatment. It is not a direct remedy for treating scabies, but it will help to treat infections from the scraped skin and the wounds from the burrows.

If you have a lot of wounds from the scratching and burrows, it is recommended to include zinc in your diet.

Remedy 8:

Washing clothes in hot water is an important measure that needs to be taken when fighting off scabies. Yes, it is not a direct treatment but it is very important to stop further breading of scabies’ mites. It is advised that if you are infected by the mite, you should properly wash and clean any bedding or clothing that you have come in contact with since being infected.

Try to use hot water mostly as it will kill the persisting mites. Also, it will leave a lesser scope for the mite to keep spreading on different areas of the body.

Remedy 9:

When keeping your laundry in check with hot water, Borax or sodium borate is also highly useful. Though it is present in the detergents and not very suitable for direct use on the skin, it is a very effective treatment. Even after being claimed harsh for human skin, many people resort to it because of its quick action against scabies.

We personally do not recommend direct use on the skin, but it should be used on the clothes. This will reduce the spreading and breading of the tiny mites.

Remedy 10:

Apple Cider Vinegar: Home Remedy

Apple cider vinegar is yet another very useful home remedy for treating scabies. Though again, there is not much evidence in support of its effectiveness against scabies scientifically, many people use it to treat the ailment. It is an easy remedy and we highly recommend you to try it yourself.

Important Facts and Figures :

  1. Scabies in scientific terms is an ectoparasitic skin disease which is caused by the Mite: Sarcoptes Scabiei (variety hominis).
  2. Scabies are very small mites that burrow into your skin to lay eggs and thrive. And these mites can survive on a person up to 8 weeks.
  3. Scabies is highly transmittable (it can easily be passed from one person to another) and can be spread by direct skin contact.
  4. It is projected that over 300 million humans worldwide are effective by Scabies.
  5. Children and young adults (who mainly play in grass ground) are most affected by this skin disease (in which schools playgrounds are common). Scabies can easily effect child any body parts, such as, wrist, elbow, face, armpit, nipple, penis, waist, buttocks, neck and area between the fingers.
  6. Scabies can impact all socioeconomic classes and races. Though, no one should under-estimate any skin problem and evaluate its history, etiology, symptoms, and the recommended treatment, especially for Scabies infection.


Scabies is a very common contagious skin condition which needs to be well treated or it continues to increase. Self-diagnosis is really easy and thus fast treatment can be provided. Any of the above remedies are helpful and must be used properly and regularly to kill the breading of the mites. If the above remedies do not work for you, we recommend consultation with a doctor. However, if the problem is not very severe, all the aforementioned methods are a must-try. Along with the use of these remedies, it is very important that you do not itch or scratch the infected area for avoiding further spreading of scabies.

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