Low blood pressure is a medical condition which makes the blood pressure of the person drop very low. It is also known as hypotension. The ideal blood pressure reading is typically 120/80 millimetres of mercury (mm Hg), but numbers outside this range can still be healthy for certain people. A healthy blood pressure reading for your body is based on your medical history, age, and overall condition.

The causes for low blood pressure or hypotension can be issues like dehydration, taking unrequired or long bed rests, deficiencies in nutrition, decreased blood volume, pregnancy, heart-related issues, neurological conditions, and endocrine disorders.

The problem of low blood pressure needs to diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. The body experiences other problems as well if the blood pressure consistently remains around 90/60 mm Hg or lower. If you are experiencing hypotension, then this may lead to inadequate flow of blood to organs such as the brain, kidneys, and heart.

Low Blood Pressure: Symptoms

Low blood pressure is not self diagnosable but if you feel you have some of the common symptoms mentioned ahead, we recommend getting your blood pressure checked by a doctor. The doctor may diagnose you with low blood pressure if the bp reading is less than 90/60 mm Hg and you also have experienced other symptoms, including:

  • blurry vision
  • confusion or trouble concentrating
  • dizziness
  • fainting
  • lightheadedness
  • nausea or vomiting
  • weakness
  • palpitation
  • cold and clammy skin

Remedy I. Salt Water

salt-water-home- remedy

Sodium is helpful in increasing the blood pressure, therefore, consuming salt or drinking salt water is very helpful. Do not consume too much salt as well, as it can be unhealthy. You just need to drink a glass of water with only one-half teaspoon of salt in it. Sports drinks are also good for increasing blood pressure.

Remedy 2. Coffee

The next useful home remedy if consuming caffeine. You can have a strong cup of coffee or any other drink which has caffeine such as hot chocolate, cola, or any such beverage can help to temporarily increase your blood pressure. If it has been some time since you have been diagnosed, you should try to consume coffee on a regular basis. It helps in fighting orthostatic hypotension. However, try not to make a habit of caffeine rich foods.

Remedy 3. Raisins


Raisins are a great Indian traditional Ayurvedic home remedy for the treatment of hypotension naturally over time. You need to:

  • Soak a good amount of raisins (at least 30 to 40) in a cup of water overnight.
  • On next morning, you need to eat the raisins, one at a time, on an empty stomach. If possible, try to drink some of the water in which the raisins were soaking overnight.
  • Repeat and follow this remedy for at least a few weeks to a month.

You can also add some other dry fruits and nuts such as almonds, black currants, peanuts to this regime.

Remedy 4. Holy Basil


Holy basil or Tulsi is rich in magnesium, pantothenic acid, vitamin c, and potassium. Hence it is very beneficial against low blood pressure. It also reduces the symptoms of unbalanced mind and stress. You can drink it by making a tulsi tea by boiling 10-15 tulsi leaves and adding one teaspoon of honey to it. Also, you can make a juice of it and drink it regularly on an empty stomach. If you can, also chew a few of the holy basil leaves whenever possible.

Remedy 5. Liquorice Root

Liquorice root-Home-Remedies

Liquorice root helps to prevent the breaking down of cortisol and also helps in better adrenalin function. It also helps in treating chronic fatigue syndrome. Thus, it has become a very popular home remedy for normalizing low blood pressure, which is often induced by low levels of cortisol. You can consume this root by either preparing a tea from it for a few days, or you can buy the liquorice root capsules and take them for about a week.

Remedy 6. Beetroot Juice

Raw beetroot juice has always been believed to help with all blood-related problems. It is very helpful in treating both high as well as low blood pressure. For hypotension or LBP, you need to consume a cup of beetroot juice twice a day for about one week. Also, eating a little beetroot, on a regular basis, is also healthy.

Remedy 7. Almond Milk


Another traditional and also popular remedy for hypo-tension is Almond Milk. You can buy the almond milk directly from any groceries store or make it at home. You will just need to soak about ten almonds in water overnight. Next morning, you need to peel off the almonds and make them into a smooth paste. Now just boil a cup of milk with this paste. Try to drink this milk regularly.

Remedy 8. Rosemary


Rosemary helps wonderfully to stimulate the CNS (Central Nervous System) and also to improve circulation, thus it is a good home remedy for treating low blood pressure. You can directly buy the rosemary tincture and consume it for some days or you can make a fresh oil of rosemary infused with herbs and add it to your food. Moreover, you can solely mix the rosemary essential oils with your diffuser at home, for aromatherapy benefits.

Remedy 9. Carrot Juice

Consumption of carrot juice is also beneficial against low blood pressure. You need to drink this carrot juice along with two tablespoons of honey. This mixture must be drunk twice a day, first on an empty stomach and next time late in the evening. Starting your day with fresh carrot juice mixed with a little honey is an easy way to treat low blood pressure.

Remedy 10. Lemon Juice


Lemon juice is yet another very useful and effective home remedy for hypotension. It is especially more effective when it is caused by dehydration. All you need to do is to consume some lemon juice with a little amount of salt and sugar. Lemon juice does wonders for your body by re-energizing it and helping with digestion. Hypotension is also eased by drinking a glass of sugarcane juice mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice and salt.


Low Blood Pressure is a medical condition in which the person has a dropped blood pressure of less than 90/60 mm Hg. It is not self diagnosable and one must consult a doctor for proper medical attention. The aforementioned home remedies are mostly non-allergic and can be adapted very easily in your daily life. We highly recommend you to follow these remedies along with your medication for better results. Also, low blood pressure must be monitored regularly and must not be taken lightly.

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