Bladder Infection is a common type of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). It is a bacterial infection which causes a lot of cramps and pain in the bladder. Women are more prone to having bladder infections than men. There have been studies that show that many women encounter a bladder infection at some point in time, therefore precaution and care is recommended.

Bladder Infection: Causes

Bladder infections are mostly caused because of bacteria which get into the urethra. The urethra is responsible for carrying urine out of the body and then send it to the bladder. It is also caused by other organisms which are micro sized, including fungi, viruses and bacteria. The treatment of Bladder infections is very easy and short. It concludes of an antibiotic course. Also, it is effective to use some simple home remedies.


Bladder Infection: Symptoms

Bladder infections can be diagnosed with the help of the following symptoms. These can be as follows:

  • A burning and painful sensation while urinating
  • feeling an extreme need to urinate very often.
  • lower abdominal cramps
  • urine has a foul smell
  • urine is cloudy
  • little blood when urinating

Remedy I:


Drinking water or fluids is a must follow a home remedy for treating bladder infection. Drinking water will help in reducing harmful and foul smelling urine from the body. Also, it will help to flush bacteria from the urinary tract. Some studies also show that taking very fewer fluids continuously can increase the chance of pathogenesis of urinary tract infections, which makes drinking water even more important.

We recommend drinking water at various intervals such as before every meal and snack.

Remedy II:

Urinating often is also very helpful to reduce the number of bacteria in the bladder. This also helps to ensure that the bacteria don’t multiply in the bladder and avoid spreading of infection. You should not try to hold the urine inside the for a long time and urinate often to flush out the infection.

If you encounter bladder infection or any UTI’s after sexual intercourse, it is important that to urinate after, as soon as possible.

Remedy III:

Try to stay clean and dry. This is very important as a warm and moist environment is the most ideal for bacteria and thus keeping the urinary area clean and dry helps avoid that. We recommend that after a bowel movement, the women should clean up from front to back.

The clothing should also be clean and gentle. For this, try to resort to comfortable and loose fit clothes. Avoid wearing tight and fit clothes so as to evade trapping moisture inside.

Remedy IV:

Heating pads. This is a very useful home remedy for abdominal pains if you have bladder or any other urinary tract infection. It is advised to use a heating pad on your abdomen or lower back along with the medication to reduce the cramps.

A heating pad is easily available at the market and online. If you do not have a heating pad and readily require one, you can make a hot towel pad at home by using a towel soaked in warm water.

Remedy V:

Cranberry- Bladder Infection

Cranberry Juice. It is very beneficial to drink cranberry juice and eat fresh cranberry when trying to get rid of the bladder and other urinary tract infections. There have been proven studies to support the fact of the effectiveness of cranberry in flushing out any bad bacteria from the body when taken regularly.

It is especially beneficial home remedy for women who have any UTI. You can easily buy packed cranberry juice or even fresh cranberry and consume as suitable.

Remedy VI:


Probiotics are a great home remedy for treating bladder infections. These are important because, after a certain time, the infected person may develop resistance to other basic home remedies and need something strong to fight off the bacterial growth. They are important to cultivate the harmless bacterial environment in the human body as necessary. Thus, to protect the body from losing all the positive bacteria probiotics and probiotic-rich foods are necessary for your diet.

You may include good and healthy fermented foods such as kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, probiotic yoghurt, kefir, and raw cheese.

Remedy VII:


Garlic is a very useful antimicrobial food remedy. A freshly crushed raw garlic contains Allicin, which is active against fighting unrequired bacteria and microbes.

Some studies have found that when allicin extracts have used the help to get rid of a wide range of bacterias. They are antibacterial and thus prove effective in treating bladder infections. Also, it is effective in treating UTI’s such as yeast infections.

Remedy VIII:

D-mannose is also helpful to flush out bacteria from the bladder. It is a type of sugar and is closely related to the components of glucose.

How it works are that it helps in avoiding the bad bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. So when urine is secreted out of the body, the bacteria are removed as well.

Remedy IX:


Vitamin C is an important vitamin and must be included in your diet. The acidic properties of vitamin C are beneficial for the human body. When treating bladder infections, it helps to make the urine have a higher content of acidic properties.

If a woman in her pregnancy is suffering from any urinary tract infection, is recommended a regular dosage of vitamin C because of the great effectiveness.


Bladder Infection is self-diagnosable by the patient. You can look for the symptoms aforementioned. If you are infected by the bladder infection, the home remedies and instructions mentioned above will be very effective for you. Try to follow as many remedies as possible. Most of the home remedies for bladder infections are used along with the medicinal course and are no allergic to most of the people. Try to avoid the remedies which result in an allergic reaction. Some of the remedies are recommended as a precautionary measure and can be used by patients who get bladder infections very often. Using these home remedies will make your daily life much easier.

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