You can find an endless amount of knowledge and advice about eating healthy. But if we be honest, it is just about eating in a smart fashion, eating the right proportion of food at the right time and of course eating some fabulous mouth-watering delicacies. Munching on dull, bland meals might keep your waistline thin, but you should remember that food is for pleasure too.

Eating tasty and healthy food not only keeps your body free from ailments, but it also boosts your mood, makes you feel positive and improves your overall well-being. Here, we will talk about some essentially gut-friendly yet sumptuous meals that you must include in your everyday dinner list. The list includes some brilliant salad, wraps, rice bowls with sides and desserts.

1.Cucumber, tomato and avocado salad:

Cucumber, tomato and avocado salad-Dinner

This is basically a guacamole dish that you can eat shamelessly by the spoonful. The traditional cold cucumber-tomato salad tastes better when added with avocado slices. It is a great healthy appetizer with some lemon juice and cilantro dressing.

2. Brussels sprout salad:

Brussels sprout salad- Dinner

This is a real quick last minute dish. It can be served to everyone, even at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Dress the salad with some black rice, dates, pomegranate and cashew nuts. It is healthy and hearts with lots of flavors and a nice texture.

3. Tuna pasta salad:

Tuna pasta salad-Dinner

In less than 10 minutes you can make this salad that delicious, high protein and loaded with omega 3 fatty acid. Whole wheat pasta, canned tuna drained, parmesan, olive oil, parsley and a pinch of salt are all you need to make this healthy supper time salad.

4. Chicken noodle salad:

Chicken noodle salad-Dinner

This is a healthy starter packed with fresh vegetables and soy dressing. Go for wheat or rice noodles. This is an ideal low-calorie dinner time appetizer that serves each with 400 kcal, 30f protein, 10g fat, 7g fiber, 2g salt and around 400g carbohydrate. Just toss the noodles with veggies such as carrot, bell pepper, broccoli, spring onions, peas, fresh coriander, mint leaves and chicken pieces in vegetable oil, and it is ready in no more than 10 minutes.

5. Honey garlic shrimp:

Honey garlic shrimp-Dinner

This sweet and savory dish tastes best on a bed of brown rice tossed in salt-free butter. Garlic and honey work as a magical combination, especially when added with parsley and some roasted sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are very good for digestion.

6. Easy mushroom frittata:

Easy mushroom frittata-Dinner

Garlic mushroom frittata is a super low-calorie dish that goes with any main course. This dish provides 243 kcal. A pinch of ground black pepper, chives and parsley grilled with some olive oil makes this frittata a perfect dinner item.

7. Portobello fajitas:

Portobello fajitas-Healthy Dinner

This is a great healthy dish for the vegans. Even the non-vegetarians can savor this Portobello mushrooms that are real dope in terms of taste. You can personalize the dish with your favorite toppings. Add chipotle, bell pepper, and mushroom to this gluten-free food as per your choice.

8. Chicken burrito wraps :

Chicken burrito wraps-Dinner

One of the most popular healthy dinner items of recent times. This dish made with chicken breast pieces, avocado, cheese, cilantro, veggies wrapped into tortillas is a real treat for the health freaks, especially the Mexican food lovers. You can use tofu to replace the chicken, and cottage cheese can be used instead of ordinary cheese. These burrito wraps can be cooked in around 10 minutes.

9. Slow cooker chicken mushroom stroganoff:

Slow cooker chicken mushroom stroganoff-Healthy Dinner

The term slow cooker reflects the dish’s creamy, flavourful and smooth texture. It contains high protein. You can add some handmade pasta to the gravy or can simply relish the dish with some dry flatbread. After cooking the chicken and mushroom in the slow heat, pour a cup of milk to get a thick and creamy soup. Add some thyme. Perfect for the elderly and kids.

10. Egg and spinach kale:

Egg and spinach kale-Healhy Dinner

Free range eggs, single light cream, a lot of fresh spinach, finely chopped onion, Cajun mix and ground black pepper with a sprinkle of oil culminates into this beautiful dietary dish. Try not to overcook the ingredients to contain its juices and flavors.

11. Artichoke herb soup:

Artichoke herb soup-Healthy Dinner

This nice vegetarian dish is super easy and can be served to anyone and everyone. Yummy cheese tortellini, veggies, and sun-dried baby tomato make this dish rich with flavors. For the cold Dallas nights, this soup is ideal. It is lean and healthy, and it surely vanishes everyone’s hunger blues.

12. Salmon in lemon garlic sauce:

Salmon in lemon garlic sauce-Healthy Dinner

The creamy and rich lemon garlic sauce that holds the piece of salmon cooked with some fennel and thyme in olive oil is enough to take you to the Greek Isle with its heavenly taste. Add some briny olives and celery for the toppings. Have it with some risotto or just like that. It tastes sumptuous anyway.

13. Apricot honey tagine:

Apricot honey tagine-healthy Dinner

Raspberry, strawberry, sweet honey, tart apricots, walnuts, creamy almonds, sharp pomegranate seeds, courgette, aubergine, olive oil, carrot and, couscous are the main ingredients of this vegan tagine. The list of ingredients gives you the idea of how rich the food is in terms of vitamin, protein, and carbohydrates. Super low calorie and super easy, this dish is famous among health enthusiasts.

14. Avocado Choco chips mousse:

Avocado Choco chips mousse-Dinner

This is a gut-friendly lean dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Avocado, milk chocolate mix with strawberry and almond chips topping can be made in 15 minutes though you have put it in the refrigerator to get its ideal taste for around 20 minutes. Serves everyone good the dessert’s smooth and organic taste.

15. Chia lemon cake:

Chia lemon cake-Dinner

If you love cheesecake, you personalize the dish with nut date base, raspberry chia jam topping, and coconut milk filling makes it a juicy and creamy mouth-watering dessert. Try to avoid adding extra sugar and let the juices of fresh fruits to set in.

Other dishes: Apart from these dishes, nutritionists often prescribe chicken miso soup, pure vegetarian lasagne, chickpea cottage cheese spinach salad among other dietary dishes. Try to keep your dinner time meals small yet filling and healthy.

Conclusion: Early dinner is the key to good health. Dinner by 8 o clock means a lot of time for the gut to digest the food.  The meals can be followed by a glass of red wine or white wine, though that should be in accordance with your physician’s guidance.  

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Nikunj Sharma

Nikunj Sharma

He is a professional fitness trainer and coach (including aerobics and yoga instructor). He provides the best nutritionist training plans as well to his clients. He has been constantly writing as a freelancer from the past 3 years as an author for fitness instruction ebooks/ manuals and for several online health magazines as well.