Dieting is a practice of eating your meal in a sustained, supervised and regulated manner that helps you obtain the perfect body. A lot of issues concerning food and digestion should be taken into consideration while preparing a diet plan. The frequency of consuming food, following a workout schedule and having essential probiotics and medicines should be discussed thoroughly with a health expert or dietician to get the optimum result of dieting. Snacking is an important part of dieting as it provides small quantities of food intermittently to our stomach to keep the metabolism going and prevents us from starving. Let’s discuss about the 15 most delicious and healthy snacks that you can eat at home or even carry to work for midday nibbles.

1. Hummus and carrots:

Hummus is made of chickpeas and sesame oil. Hummus itself contains high protein and healthy fat. Carrots, on the other hand, have a lot of Vitamin A and potassium. The combination of these two makes a satisfying and balanced snack. A half cup of hummus carries 200 calories, while baby carrots contain just about 30 calories. You can add or replace carrots with broccoli, cucumber or zucchini.

2. Apple dipped in peanut butter

It is a pure fruit and nut delicacy snack. Apples are high in fiber. Fresh sweet and juicy apples sliced and dipped into peanut butter or almond butter requires no added sugar. This snack contains around 120 calories, 30 grams of carbohydrate, vitamin C and a lot of fiber.

3. Whole-grain bread sandwich


Cut the flour bread totally from your diet. Go for whole grain bread, a lot of veggies, one or two slices of ham and lettuce to make a small sandwich, which is ideal as an afternoon snack. You can also use pita bread, flat pita wrap to make it a healthy wrap as well. The whole, such sandwich or wrap contain less than 300 calories.

4. Hard boiled eggs with tomato soup

Hard boiled eggs with tomato soup-Snack

Another tradition yet healthy snack that you can enjoy at home or outside. A cup of warm tomato soup with no added cream can be easily made. Use hard-boiled egg slices as toppings.

5.Brown rice cakes

You might think that it will be bland but actually, if you know make the topping delicious, then flat brown rice cakes can be an excellent snack. Egg and veggies toppings are the all-time favorites for rice cakes. You can also opt for avocados, yogurt, cottage cheese, sliced tomato, and lettuce. The meal contains around 270 calories and has a lot of zinc, selenium, and magnesium.

6. Red bell pepper and guacamole mix

 Red bell pepper and guacamole mix-Snack

Bell papers are nutritious; red bell papers are rich in antioxidants, quercetin and beta carotene. If you mix a medium sized red bell paper with 85 grams of guacamole, it makes a healthy snack with a calorie intake of just 200.

7. Cottage cheese, cinnamon, and flaxseeds pudding


All these three ingredients have separate health benefits of their own. When they come together, they make a super healthy snack. Cottage cheese has high protein while cinnamon and flaxseeds reduce blood sugar and body fat. Mix all the elements in a bowl and add no sugar. The meal is less than 150 calories.

8. Veggies/celery sticks with cream cheese dip


This is a classic low-carb snack. A small box of sliced veggies like carrot, cucumber, broccoli or only celeries sticks dipped into crème cheese makes a yummy and healthy snack. Five such celery sticks contain with 60 grams of dip equals to less than 200 calories.

9. Kale chips


This snack is getting increasingly famous in the workplace. It reduces blood pressure and the risk of colon cancer. A cup of bite-sized kale chips baked for 15 minutes with a little bit of olive oil readies this snack. It contains around 150 calories.

10. Fruit and yogurt dessert

Fruit and yogurt dessert-Snack

Yogurt can be the perfect dessert or a side meal for any diet. But your so-called, not so good bland Greek yogurt can be very tasty and filling when coupled with fresh fruit slices such as apple, avocado, strawberry or peach. Drizzle some honey if you miss sugar.

11. Tuna and wheat crackers

Tuna-wheat crackers

If you are seeking extra health stack, go for whole wheat cracker chips, put some tuna onto it, add some celeries, sprinkle some lemon juice and here you go. The treat contains omega 3 fatty acid, protein, and fiber with a calorie intake of less than 200.

12. Crispbread, cottage cheese pizza

Cottage cheese pizza-Snack

Crispbread is dry, made of rye flour. They contain multigrain, hence crispbreads are nice and crunchy with full of fiber. Cottage cheese, on the other hand, contains high calcium, protein and it is low-fat. You can put the cottage cheese topping along with some fresh tomato-onion salsa and bake it with some olive oil. The total meal is of 170 calories.

13. Trail mix and milk


Trail mix is a combination of nuts and dry fruits, Cereal, granola and grains are also included in it. You can toast the trail mix with some coconut oil or can have it with a cup of milk. You can easily store it for days in the refrigerator.

14. Oatmeal and raisins


Oatmeal is mostly consumed as a breakfast item, but there is no reason to think that it cannot be treated as a healthy snack. Pop a cup of instant oatmeal in time during the day and sprinkle some raisins and almonds to enjoy a nice and healthy meal.

15. Chia seed pudding


This meal goes for every diet plan. People following ketogenic or vegan diet also can consume this. This meal contains high antioxidants that reduce inflammation for better health. Chia seed pudding contains less than 200 calories.


All the above-mentioned food items can be consumed irrespective of any health background or history. They will make your dieting plan goal oriented and successful. These snacks can be taken to your workplace as they need minimum storing. We must not confuse the restricted diet with tasteless, bland food. Intermitted eating of the right proportion of food is the key to a healthy diet. Besides main course meals, snacks provide rescue for intermittent hunger. Keep you fit and healthy yet titillates your taste buds might seem rare to many, but in reality, they are in plenty.

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Nikunj Sharma

Nikunj Sharma

He is a professional fitness trainer and coach (including aerobics and yoga instructor). He provides the best nutritionist training plans as well to his clients. He has been constantly writing as a freelancer from the past 3 years as an author for fitness instruction ebooks/ manuals and for several online health magazines as well.