Choosing healthy food is a smart move no matter how old you are or what constraints you have in terms of your medical history. Consuming the right proportion of food laden with the required amount of nutrients is the key to healthy aging.

Caring for your gut or the gastro digestive health is essential as long as you wish to live a disease- free life. Probiotics might help you achieve this goal, but here in this article, we will talk about some simple, healthy yet savory dishes that take care of your digestion and satisfy your taste buds.

1. Apple salad and Belgian endive:

Apple salad and Belgian endive

Endive is a brilliant prebiotic ingredient that supports a diverse and healthy microbiome. Make the platter ready with crumbled goat cheese, a lot of sweet Fuji apples. Sprinkle some honey and crushed almonds. This salad doesn’t sound like health food. But actually, it is.

2. 15-minute garlic shrimp:

Garlic shrimp-Appetizer

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with consuming fish or meat when it comes to maintaining a healthy digestive routine. Make a salad out of boiled shrimps, garlic powder, yogurt, vinegar, chopped avocado, celery and salt as per your taste. Mix all the ingredients with some extra virgin olive oil in a salad bowl. The meal contains sodium, potassium, cholesterol and some dietary fiber.

3. Sautéed dandelion greens:


This dish serves as a simple yet flavourful side. The importance of greens cannot be beaten in terms of easy digestion. Boiled dandelion greens sautéed with some chopped garlic and vegetable oil with no extra salt is a perfect dish to be eaten with pita bread or a cup of brown rice.

4. Quinoa tabbouleh mix:

Quinoa tabbouleh mix-Appetizer

If you are seeking gluten-free yet easily digestive food, here is your grab. The quinoa tabbouleh mix is full of vegan protein. The mix is dressed with prebiotic items such as garlic, onion, parsley with which you can barely go wrong. This salad is a great appetizer before any meal.

5. Dijon roasted asparagus:

Dijon roasted asparagus-Appetizer

This is a lovely meal which is easy to make. It is easy on digestion too. A few strands of asparagus, olive oil, salt and garlic baked for 15 minutes make this meal. You can mix some mustard paste or lemon juice to spice it up. The dish contains zero fat zero cholesterol.

6. Leek and mushroom soup:

Leek and mushroom soup-Appetizer

Leek is an allium vegetable just like the onion. Both mushroom and onion are prebiotic that make this soup super healthy and easy for the digestive system. This soup is a perfect summer dish as it is extremely hydrating. The meal contains around 178 calories with only one percent of fat.

7. Ginger turmeric carrot soup:

Ginger turmeric carrot soup-Appetizaer

Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants; it is good for the brain too. This savory soup complements the flavors of carrot and ginger as well. In carrot, you find Vitamin A and a lot of such enzymes that help streamline the digestive process. Ginger, on the other hand, kills bacteria such an H. Pylori for easy digestion.

8. Honeyberry bars:

Honeyberry bars-Appetizer

Berry bars are greats decadent. They are brilliant for your gut flora as well. Strawberry and blueberry have positive effects on the microbiome. Chocolate has been consciously replaced by honey in this yummy dish for the check on cholesterol.

9. Herb crusted salmon:

Herb crusted salmon-Appetizaer

This dish is full of beneficial nutrient like DHA. The wild caught fish like salmon is loaded with omega 3 fatty acid. Herbs, needless to say, provides excellent digestion boost. This meal helps with inflammation and cognitive function.

10. Roasted sunchokes:

Roasted sunchokes-Appetizer

Artichokes, especially from Jerusalem, are often overlooked for their rich and beautiful taste. You can pair the dish with a few pieces of boiled chicken and some parsley to make it a sumptuous dinner. The dish is rich with sodium and potassium and carries less than 120 calories.

11. Garlic roasted broccoli with dairy free butter:

Garlic roasted broccoli with dairy free butter-Appetizer

This gut healing dish provides a new flavor to the old favorites. Easy to make and easier to digest, small broccoli tossed with garlic cooked in dairy free butter is simply irresistible. You can add some button mushroom slices or crushed walnuts into the dish.

12. Avocado fish on brown rice:

Avocado fish on brown rice-Appetizer

Sautéed avocado, onion with salmon or shrimp on a small portion of brown rice is a perfect lunch meal for those who often complain suffering from various digestion issues. You can replace avocado with cucumber or cauliflower.

13. Sausage and sauerkraut mix:

Sausage and sauerkraut mix-Appetizer

This dish is extremely nutritious and delicious. You can try your favorite paleo veggies to enhance its portion. Go for simple chicken sausage or soy sausages to keep any artificial elements away from your gut.

14. Paleo breakfast scramble:

Paleo breakfast scramble-Appetizer

No list of meals is complete without at least one breakfast option. This scramble dish tops the gut healthy diet chart. Choice of your veggies, avocado, fennel, artichokes, and organic egg are all you need for its morning platter. This dish is rich in nutrients and carries around 100 calories.

15. Chicken cooked in coconut milk:

Chicken cooked in coconut milk-Appetizer

This smooth chicken broth contains incredible gut healthy ingredients. It is like a staple in many coastal countries across the globe. You can add it up with some whole grain bread. You can experiment with this dish by trying out different organic ingredients.

Other dishes: Apart from the above list, you can try other delicacies too. The options of gut healthy food are unending. Sweet potatoes, coconut peach smoothie, granola bar pie, healing blueberry gummies among other dishes are famous to those who focus on having a perfect weight and an ailment free body. Emerald spinach soup is another favorite dish among those trying to improve leaky gut. If you are feeling a bit fatigued or dazed, this soup is really beneficial to shake you up.

Conclusion: All the above food or recipes mentioned are easy to make, and you can find all the ingredients easily available in any nearby grocery store. Don’t have to fuss over a particular item as you can always experiment with one or two ingredients of your personal choice. If you are allergic to a particular item, consult with your physician. Smooth and easy digestion is the secret to slow and graceful aging.

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Nikunj Sharma

Nikunj Sharma

He is a professional fitness trainer and coach (including aerobics and yoga instructor). He provides the best nutritionist training plans as well to his clients. He has been constantly writing as a freelancer from the past 3 years as an author for fitness instruction ebooks/ manuals and for several online health magazines as well.