Health is important and we should take care of this amazing life with keeping in mind to balance our body with exercising, yoga and consuming good foods, etc. The youth of this century is very much aware that a healthy body leads to a happy life. And that consider a fact of being well isn’t about a chiseled body only but a healthy heart as well.

Heart Facts in Body

i) This amazing body organ is roughly the size of a large fist.

ii) You must be or ever try of being guessing how many times our heart get beats? Well, we must tell it’s about 100,000 times per day (3 billion beats in a lifetime).

iii) A heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood every day.

iv) The unsaid fact you will be amazed by that a heart can continue beating even when it’s disconnected from the body.

v) An interesting another fact related to heart is that most of the hearts attacks happen most often on Monday mornings.

vi) And, the heart weighs between 10 to 12 ounces in men and 8 to 10 ounces in women.

Obtainable Kitchen Foods to keep Heart Healthy

Once if we are concerned, and start taking an initiative to protect our heart from some major heart diseases than definitely, there are few contents of our kitchen can save our life!

According to one research suggests that whatever we eat and drink can protect our body against myriad health woes- and also results refer that up to 70% of heart diseases cases are or preventable with right food choices.

There are divergent kitchen foods, that could be listed out which can trick out well and make our hearts healthy and happy.  Just get a little broader and having various types of fish, vegetables, whole grains, and other items that you might enjoy as well every day.

7 Obtainable Healthy Heart Foods

Our motive is to list out those foods which are easily available in our kitchens but we keep ignoring them just in sake of unawareness of their hidden values. So, our 7 obtainable healthy heart food is below; just check it out and make the difference with a healthy heart.

1) Olive Oil

To start with our first food, we are adding into a list is Olive Oil; a healthy fat made from smashed olives. It is rich in heart-healthy antioxidants and may protect your blood vessels. A considerable staple diet in Mediterranean countries just an extra virgin olive oil in while cooking your food which will help particularly in lower blood pressure and cholesterol and blood clots. Olive oil also helps in fighting inflammation. Generally, start taking it and replace your saturated fat product such as butter, etc to see the difference. Whether you cook it or try it on salads and cooked veggies and bread, you will experience soon the benefits towards your body and heart health.

2) Almonds, Raisins, and Walnuts

We love them, but unable to add up them into a routine diet, or we shall say some are taking them very wisely. Whether it’s almond, walnut, or raisins these are the best-consuming foods we could add in developing our body as well as a healthy heart. Where slivered almonds go very well with vegetables, fish, chicken, and desserts.

Almonds have plant sterols, fiber, and heart-healthy fats, which may help in bad LDL cholesterol. Where almonds are big in omega-3s as same walnuts do. Just add a little ratio of walnuts as well, which may lower your cholesterol. Mix a little ratio of raisins, as well as this, will help in reduces high blood pressure.  Raisins are a source of potassium, which helps in lower hypertension and increases our immune-boosting antioxidants.

3) Cauliflower

Firstly, it was oil and dry fruits and now it is a turn of some veggies. Not so green, but it is bursting with antioxidants, rich in fiber, and also contains allicin- a component present in garlic shown to help lower the risk of heart attacks. It also helps in reducing cholesterol. So, stop so underrating such veggie, till you aren’t sure the benefits.

4) Flaxseeds

We are talking about a healthy heart, so how can we skip this amazing and beneficial spice from the list. With a shine, and honey-colored (bit brown) seeds (10 Unknown Health Benefits of Flaxseeds), has three things that are preferably a good at your heart health: present fiber, phytochemicals called lignans, and omega-3 fatty acids. You must try them into a form in grinding up for the best nutrition’s or add them to your cereal, baked bread, etc.

5) Oatmeal

How about a meal (breakfast) box after a handful of dry fruits, those who are healthy heart foods?

So let’s set up a routine of a warm bowl of oatmeal, that fills you up for hours, and help fights snack attacks- and helps keep the blood sugar levels stable over time. Oatmeal is also considered a useful trick for diabetes as well. The present fiber in oatmeal will help our heart by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL).

6) Oranges

If you are a fruit lover, don’t be so afraid of it. Well, we are listing one of an amazing and juicy fruit which is another healthy heart food. A source of pectin, this citrus fruit (orange) contains flavonoids that help lowering blood pressure and also reduces artery inflammation. The present citrus in orange contains hesperidin, a plant chemical- that helps improving blood flow to heart, and vitamin C to protect against stroke.

7) Fresh Herbs

Make it a cheap and easy choice and make your heart healthy. Don forget those fresh herbs which are grown into your small garden or you have bought them at a very nominal price. Well, when you add these herbs – like Coriander, Mint, and basil, etc; to your food instead of salt and fat, you’re making a healthy heart choice. So, next time you think about it, just add on it. These Spicesand other foods are delicious ways to eat heart smart.


With a simple list and an obtainable one, we have written this review. The heart is our special treat to our body which keeps us more lively and healthy. So, do care about a move towards this and add these easily available foods to your daily routine to make a healthy heart.

Doesn’t like the list or your favorites are missing? Well, go with some high rated options such as; Salmon, Chia seeds, Blueberries, coffee, Red wine, Green Tea, Soy Milk, Tofu, Dark Chocolate, Yams, apples, avocados, etc.

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