The term “Arthritis” does not indicate a disease in an organ. Arthritis is actually a way of pointing to joint pain or joint disease. Arthritis is a disease which causes inflammation and stiffness in the joints, the term “joint” here means the connection of two bones. There is no specific age in which arthritis can occur, arthritis can happen to anyone regardless of age, sex and race. There are many types of arthritis like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, gout and many more which can make the type count to 100.

What causes Arthritis?

There can be many causes of arthritis, some involve wear and tear of injuries in cartilage which can further lead to inflammation and can result in arthritis. Sometimes arthritis can also occur because of family history, you can develop arthritis if your parents or siblings have or had the disorder. The joint injuries which have occurred earlier to you can also result in arthritis whereas having an over-weighted body can also increase the risk of arthritis as it puts more stress on joints. In some cases, an excess of smoking can also result in developing arthritis.

Symptoms and complications:


There are many symptoms which present themselves at the time a person developing arthritis. Most commonly the effect is seen in joints, some of the symptoms are given below.

  1. Stiffness in joints
  2. Swelling near joints
  3. Reduction in the speed of motion
  4. Pain in joints
  5. Redness near joints

These are some symptoms of arthritis if we look toward complication which can occur while developing arthritis the most common complications will be, severe pain in the hands and arms. A person will feel difficult to perform daily tasks, in some cases, the joints may become deformed.  Arthritis is a common disease which occurs to thousands of people every year, it is always suggested to see a doctor and get it diagnosed. While the feeling of developing arthritis you can take some measures to prevent the disease, the measures involve home remedies. Some of the home remedies are given below which can help you to prevent arthritis and can help to recover faster if you are already suffering from it.

I.  Exercising


Exercising is one of the best things you can do while having a doubt of arthritis. Exercises like swimming are proven to be one of the effective exercises, as water provides resistance and buoyancy which increases the intensity of exercise as well as it provides support to a body which helps to relieve pressure from joints. Exercising also result in weight loss which can take off extra stress from the joints especially legs and can help to relieve pain. In context to exercising yoga is also a good way to cure arthritis, yoga focuses on an internal alignment which helps in relieving the pain from joints and release stress from joints.

II. Heating & cooling

Heating and cooling basically help in soothing stiff joints, it also helps in relieving the pain. The basic fundamental of heating and cooling the affected area is an increase in blood circulation at one time and reducing at other time. Increasing blood circulation helps in soothing stiff joints and decreasing blood circulation will reduce swelling and relieves pain. You can use a hot water bottle to apply heat and use ice or cool water to apply cold.

III. Massage

Massaging your joints and muscles will surely help to relieve the pain. Massaging your muscles and joints twice or thrice a day will help soothe pain caused by arthritis. It is believed that massaging your joints boosts serotonin levels which improves mood and it also helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol and neurotransmitter.

III. Omega-3 fatty acids


When talking about arthritis inflammation is one of the major problem people suffer through. It is known that that omega-3 fatty acids help reducing inflammation in the body. Reducing the inflammation is one advantage of omega-3 fatty acids other one is regulating the immune system. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids help in regulating the immune system. You can easily get omega-3 fatty acids from common food products such as nuts, cold water fish whereas if a person feel more need for omega-3 fatty acids they can take supplements.

IV. Acupuncture


Ancient Chinese used to believe that inserting thin needles into specific points on your body can restore balance and reduce arthritis pain. Acupuncture is a technique of inserting thin needles into specific parts of the body especially area of joints. Acupuncture should not be practiced without getting a licensed and certified acupuncturist in your area.

V. Turmeric


It’s a known fact that Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties in it. Adding turmeric to your daily dishes can help to reduce the swelling and pain, the anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric are because of a chemical called “curcumin”. Having a good amount of turmeric in your daily diet can help to reduce the pain and will help to cure arthritis.

VI. Meditation

Meditation is a very powerful tool used for relaxing the body as well as to improve focus. Besides improving focus meditation also help in reducing pain from arthritis and reducing stress. Studies conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) have found that meditation is helpful for some people to reduce pain in joints. The people suffering from arthritis should surely consider practicing meditation every day.

VII. Increase Vitamin-D content

Did you remember your parents telling you to stand in sunshine facing your back? If yes then they were indirectly telling you to get vitamin D. Sun rays are a good source of vitamin D, it has proved to build strong bones and boosting the immune system. Talking about arthritis it is not 100% sure that vitamin D will help reducing pain or swelling but vitamin D will surely increase bone strength which in turn can help in reducing the chances of arthritis.


There is no specific age in which arthritis can occur, arthritis can happen to anyone regardless of age, sex, and race. Symptoms of arthritis include pain in joints, swelling, and redness in the areas of joints. It is a wise decision to consult a doctor while having symptoms of arthritis. Home remedies can help in reducing the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, it’s good to take home remedies for relieving the pain as arthritis is proven to make people uncomfortable which results in uneasiness in performing daily routines. Some of the basic home remedies which can be used are increased intake of turmeric, vitamin D, besides these cooling and heating can are also helpful.

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