Gas basically is produced inside our Digestive system. There can be many ways by which gas could be formed inside our digestive system. Most of the times the Gas is formed after we eat food or any sort of liquid enter our mouth. The food is passed to the stomach through Esophagus. The esophagus is an 8-inch long tube which connects the throat to the stomach, it runs behind the windpipe and Heart. When the food is passed in our stomach the enzymes help to break it down in the form of the nutrients. When the waste food is passed on to the small intestine the breakdown of food creates gas.

There can be many reasons for the formation of gas inside our digestive system, some of them are given below.

Digestion – Digestion is a process of physical breakdown of food from larger pieces to smaller pieces, which later on are accessed by digestive enzymes to break down into nutrients. When food is transferred from the small intestine to large intestine certain enzymes work to break down the undigested food, which in turn creates a byproduct which is Gas.


Excessive Air – The one reason which is also responsible for Gas is swallowing excessive air. When we swallow excessive air it goes into our stomach, which creates gas. This situation can occur when a person smokes, drink carbonated liquids or eating a lot of gum can also result in a gas problem as it contains artificial sweeteners.

When gas is produced inside our digestive tract sometimes it gets trapped in the intestines, which result in a sharp pain or tightness and sometimes even bloating. Gas pain can be very bad as it is intense, it can spoil a person’s routine which mostly results in uncomfortableness. Every Medical store has lots of medicines which can help to get over the gas pain and improve the digestion, but home remedies are the best way to relieve the pain and release trapped gas. Some of the best home remedies are given below.

Remedy I


Green tea has Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial properties which help in reducing the gas and bloating. Natural phenol and polyphenols are there in green tea which helps in improving the digestion, moreover, the green tea also helps in lowering cholesterol levels and improves fat absorption. Consider drinking green tea 1-2 cups a day and it will help to reduce the gas pain.

Remedy II

Chai tea is made from a combination of cinnamon, ginger, clove, fennel, and black pepper. All the ingredients present in chai tea are herbs which improve digestion and health. Cinnamon helps the stomach to settle and black pepper helps in preventing undigested food to produce gas, whereas fennel helps in getting rid of gas producing bacteria.

Remedy III

Quit smoking :-

Whenever Air enter our digestive tract it results in the gas problem, smoking causes air to enter inside our digestive tract which later on results in gas pain. Gas pain is not a single problem which is caused by smoking, smoking causes many problems even some of them are even fatal. It’s wise to quit smoking.

Remedy IV

Avoid carbonated drinks :-

The liquid intake of drinks which are carbonated can cause gas. Carbonated drinks, such as sodas release carbon dioxide gas which is added to the air which we intake while drinking, the air sometimes gets trapped in our intestines and results in gas. Switching carbonated drinks with herbal tea or water can avoid gas problem.

Remedy V

Eat slowly :-

Eating very fast or in a hurry can cause a gas problem as a person intakes excess of air while eating fast, excessive air will probably cause gas problem that is why eating fast is not considered good. Eating slowly helps in avoiding excess intake of air and it also helps in the easy breakdown of food and helps in digestion.

Remedy VI


Apple cider vinegar :-

Apple cider vinegar is believed to help in relieving the gas pain and bloating quickly. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the glass of water and drink it before having a meal. Drinking apple cider vinegar with a glass of water will surely help in preventing gas pain and bloating, however, it is necessary to rinse your mouth with water after drinking the solution because vinegar can erode tooth enamel.

Remedy VII

Reduce high fat content foods :-

Eating very high-fat food can cause a gas problem and bloat. The saturated and Trans fats are not considered good for health, most of the high-fat foods contain a high amount of sodium exacerbates gas and bloating. Reducing high-fat content foods.

Remedy VIII

Avoid chewing gum :-

Chewing gum results in the intake of air, which increases the chances of trapped air and gas pain. Most of the gums contain artificial sweeteners which cause bloating and gas. Avoiding chewing gum can help in reducing the gas problem.

Remedy IX

Apply heat :-

When we are suffering from gas pain applying heat can help in relieving the pain. The gas makes digestive tract muscles tightened which results in intense pain, applying heat with a warm water bottle or heating pad can help to relax the tightened muscles and which in turn can help to release the gas.

Remedy X

Release stool :-

Releasing stool can help in relieving the gas pain. When we release the stool it’s done in a bowel moment which helps in clearing the path and as a result, the gas which is trapped inside the intestines are released. Not releasing stool can cause bloating and discomfort.

Remedy XI

Exercise :-

Doing exercise can help to relax the muscles and help to release the gas. Exercising intend to contract and relax muscles which opens the path for gas to pass. Yoga can be considered as a good choice for exercising in order to remove gas.

Summary :-

Gas basically is produced inside our Digestive system. There can be many ways by which gas could be formed inside our digestive system. Most of the times the Gas is formed after we eat food or any sort of liquid enter our mouth. Gas is produced by the bacteria living inside our intestines which help in digesting undigested food which in turn produce gas. Clinical medicines can help to prevent and cure gas pain but home remedies are considered as best way to solve this problem. The basic home remedies involve exercising, applying heat, eating slowly, avoid chewing gum, drinking apple cider vinegar with water and drinking herbal tea. Smoking can also cause gas pain, quitting smoking is considered good for preventing gas pain.

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