“Spices and Herbs”, it could be judged on the basis of its savor and flavors, than for a moment can we skip using them from our kitchens to our world cuisines? But, the fact of these spices and herbs are actually insanely good for us and our Health. The fact of being haphazardly using these spices and herbs from Ethiopia, Indonesia, and India will tremendously amazed you. Over consume of anything could be harmful, though same as spices and herbs if taken within a right manner and form with appropriate quantity, nothing would be better than that, throughout over the history these aren’t only enhancing food flavors, but also successful to manage the benefits and medicinal benefits to make our foods healthy.

Spices and Herbs can cure

With, all around 101 spices and herbs with the majority, screaming out their health benefits such as aid in weight loss, controlling diabetes, and improving brain functions, reducing nausea and boosting immunity and many more.

Spices and herbs are quite effective even with its small doses and become providers of nutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, cancer-fighter constituents, vitamins, minerals, and more.

What is the difference between Herbs and Spices?

Well, there isn’t any major difference but as simple as herbs are basically the green leafy portion of plants, while spices are the chunks of plants other than the leaves, which are considered the roots, stems, barks or seeds.

So, here we have come up with the below mentioned Popular 7 Herbs and Spices with Powerful Benefits, which considers being used as most commonly in our Kitchens.

1) Basil Leaves

If you are from Asia then you must have heard about the great Tulsi and famous “Tulsi Chai”, which could be easily found and popular in many Indian tea types? It is suggested that there should be always a fresh form of Tulsi should be used, although we can also have a form of dried Tulsi leaves, except that Tulsi (basil leaves), we also have an option with basil seeds in cooking.

Health Benefits: This amazing Basil has some health benefits, though we are going to reveal 5 major benefits of the same as follow:

  1. These leaves contain powerful Antioxidants
  2. It is (basil leaves) an Anti-inflammatory Herb
  3. Helps to fight in with Cancer
  4. Having Natural Anti-bacterial properties
  5. And also act as natural Adaptogen etc.

2) Turmeric


All we are discussing the most popular one, and amazing health beneficial spices/herbs, So how can we escape from a very popular and highly used spice in any individual kitchen?

Yes, we are indicating about one and only “Turmeric”. This spice is so much popular in India that if it’s not available in someone kitchen than surely something is wrong in that cooking! Well, we simply want to convey and already conveyed in our one of article “10 amazing health benefits and nutrition of Turmeric that this spice is most commonly used with divergent methods in our foods. This foremost, and an incredible Inflammation fighter available with Curcumin element is one of the most focused antioxidant food you can consume with!

Health Benefits: With its Curcumin property this spice can cure and provides you relief with below health benefits.

  1. This contains bioactive compounds with the strongest medicinal properties.
  2. With “Curcumin” factor it is a natural Anti-Inflammatory compound.
  3. Turmeric brilliantly increases the antioxidant capacity of the human body
  4. With curcumin, it will boost the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, which will actually help in improving brain functioning and will lower the risk of brain diseases.

3) Mint

Mint as Herb (in leaves) form fragrance as just as refreshing itself. It is quite famous in India and commonly called from the name “Pudina”. In many Indian cuisines, it is famous for its “pudina ki chutney”.

Health Benefits: Following are the health benefits of this green herb.

  1. It will give you relief from the upset stomach.
  2. Improve digestion system
  3. Will help to treat bad breath
  4. Help in curing cold and flu
  5. Will help in reducing fever
  6. Mint will improve our mental awareness and focus
  7. Reduces the stress level
  8. And preventing Nausea.

4) Fenugreek

These light golden brown small stony seeds are popularly known as “Methi Dana” in India. And its seeds and leaves usually used as an ingredient in dishes from South and Central Asia.

Health Benefits: Following are some of its health benefits, which we can get along within our food dishes.

  1. These seeds help in lowering the blood sugar levels.
  2. Improves testosterone and increasing milk production in breastfeeding mothers
  3. Reduces inflammation inside the body
  4. Improves our digestive problems
  5. Help in reducing menstrual cramps
  6. Decreases fever
  7. Soothes muscles pain and more.

5) Coriander

Not only herb but also used in a form of coriander seeds. This spice in India is commonly called as “Dhaniya” or “Dhaniya Seeds/powder”. This is majorly known by Chinese parsley with stems and leaves which are commonly called cilantro in North America. This plant all parts are edible, however, we can find the most traditional way to use them in cooking with its fresh leaves and dried seeds.

Health Benefits: This most flavor ingredient has the following health benefits with its strongest taste to food dishes.

  • A wonderful source of Dietary Fiber
  • A rich ingredient with Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Protein.
  • It can help in preventing heart attack.
  • Lessen the stroke risk.
  • Helps in lowering the blood pressure.
  • Treat diabetes.
  • And fighting with body infections, etc.

6) Chilli (Green)

A spice without any of worldwide Cuisines (famous Spiciest) would be imperfect. Green chili is a small-straight, a shrub-like branched plant with green and red fruits for taste enhancer and seasoning. A tough of this spice is enough to make a spicy dish.

Health Benefits:

  • It will help in fighting inflammation.
  • Pain relief.
  • Boost up the immunity.
  • It does help you in preventing cardiovascular disease.
  • Clear nasal congestion.
  • And help in losing weight and more.

7) Cinnamon

This spice is a popular one amongst the other spices and herbs, with an aromatic; this spice is obtained from the bark of several trees of the cinnamon genus. Addition of this spice is known for its nutritional properties, flavor, aroma, and tang of the spice make food delicious and healthy. Its highly beneficial spice for our skin, hair and offers a broad variety of health benefits.

Health Benefits

  • This is high stuff with the strongest medicinal properties.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties
  • It may help in the cut of risk heart disease
  • Keep the blood sugar levels lower and has a powerful anti-diabetic effect and more.

So, if you still haven’t used any one of them, make sure to add-up in your dish to make not even the food tastier but also the healthier.

Happy cooking!!

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