Bedbugs can be defined as insects and bugs that feed on living animals and human beings.  Bedbugs cannot fly but they can move around, due to their tiny size most of the times they are undetectable. Bedbugs can transport very easily as they are flat bodies and are undetectable, they hardly require any space to fit themselves in. Bedbugs cannot be seen with a naked eye as they are the size of a dust particle. Bedbugs multiply themselves at a very fast rate, it is known the fact that female bedbugs can lay 100 of eggs at a time and as the eggs are the size of dust particles it is very difficult to detect them. Bedbugs are active mostly at night, they attack the human body and feed on it. Bedbugs suck blood and then hide in places which are unnoticed to the people, the feed from bedbugs are mostly mistaken to be mosquito bites

The best way to check either your bed contains bedbugs or not is to check your mattress if they have a tale of black dots around them then bedbugs are definitely bothering your sleep. Nobody likes there sleep to be disturbed but bedbugs can cause you uncomfortableness while asleep. There are some home remedies which you can try in order to get rid of bedbugs.

I. Baking Soda

Baking Soda-Home Remedy

Baking soda is one of the most used home remedies nowadays, we use it in many problems such as indigestion etc. Baking soda can also help you get rid of the bedbugs, just spray a little baking soda on the area which is infected and it will kill all the bedbugs. Spraying the baking soda on a mattress can also help in preventing bedbugs multiply. Just make sure to vacuum the baking powder after spraying it on the mattress because keeping it for long on the surface can result in skin itchiness while you are asleep.

II. Alcohol

Alcohol has the properties that can be used to kill insects, alcohol mainly dissolves the cells which results in the death of insects and bedbugs. If you are suffering from an infection caused by bedbugs or insects you can just rub a little alcohol on the infected area, the alcohol will dissolve the cells and the infection will be cured.

III. Vinegar

Vinegar is a versatile solution, it is used in most of the home remedies either it is throat infection or indigestion. Vinegar is mostly used in the kitchen but apart from the kitchen vinegar can also be used to kill bedbugs. The fact about the vinegar is that it cannot kill the eggs of bedbugs but it kills the bedbugs by destroying their nervous system. All you need to do is just apply or spray a little bit of vinegar on the infected area and the infection will be cured.

IV. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is considered to be very effective when it comes to killing bedbugs. It is both easily and economically available and is very effective to kill insects and bedbugs. As effective as diatomaceous earth is, it is a little slow at starting. The effect of diatomaceous earth starts showing slowly but effectively.

V. Vacuum cleaner

You can buy some Ziploc bags from supermarket or online stores and vacuum your mattress. Your mattress contains all the bedbugs which cannot be seen by the naked eye, but by vacuuming it all the bedbugs will disappear. The next step is to Ziploc your mattress and leaves the bags for a week, this will not let bedbugs enter in or out and they will die as a result of starvation. 

VI. Borax


Borax can also help you in killing and preventing bedbugs and insects entering your mattress and walls. Just a generous sprinkling of the borax powder on your mattress and furniture can make bugs disappear in short span of time. There is another way of using borax that is by adding it to your washing machine which will completely kill the bedbugs from your bed sheets and clothes.

VII. Essential oils

Essential oils are known to keep these bugs and insects away, you can use essential oils which can help you to get rid of the bedbugs and other insects. Some of the essential oils which can be used to get rid of bedbugs are Lavender, thyme, peppermint etc. These oil not only kill them but also prevent them from coming around you. There is an advantage of using essential oils, they leave a great smell on your bed.

VIII. Steaming


Steaming is another way by which you can keep bedbugs away from you. Steaming doesn’t use any chemical or toxic material to kill bedbugs, steaming itself kills the bedbugs and keeps them away from you. It is a very easy method to prevent bedbugs away from you.

IX. Stickers

Another home remedy for keeping away bedbugs is stickers. Tickers are paper pads which have glue on one side, stickers lure the bedbugs to come out from their hiding places and while crawling on these papers, their legs get stuck making them immobile.

X. Insecticidal sprays

You can purchase various insecticidal sprays from the supermarket or online stores which can help you get rid of these insects and bedbugs. Just purchase an effective insecticidal spray and spray them on your walls and area around your mattress and beds. The insecticidal will surely help you to get rid of the bedbugs and insects.


Bed Bugs-Summary

Bedbugs are not disease-transmitting insects, they just cause you itchiness and uncomfortableness when they bite you. Some people think that an unclean house is a reason for bedbugs living around it, but the true reason for transmission of bedbugs can be travelling, shopping etc. Bedbugs can also be around you because of bad hygiene. Living in a clean and healthy environment can also prevent the bedbugs to follow you around. Bedbugs are not very dangerous but they are also not very useful or pleasing. Just make sure to live in a clean environment in order to get rid of bedbugs, cleaning your surrounding with the home remedies mentioned above can help you get rid of bedbugs.

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