Pink eye is a common problem which can happen to anyone mostly adults and aged people. Pinkeye is an eye condition which is caused by a bacterial infection or allergic reaction. Pinkeye is also referred to a problem where your eyes become all red (the redness is caused by infection). If there is green or yellow pus discharge then it indicates a bacterial infection and if there is clear or white discharge then it is more commonly viral in origin. Pinkeye also causes itchiness and uncomfortableness in and around the area where the eye is located.

There are three primary causes of pinkeye: First viral infections, second bacterial infections, and third allergens. Viral infections are not very serious and usually clears up on their own within 1-3 weeks. Bacterial infections are a bit more complicated then viral infections and can take 2-5 days to heal without any medication, but with antibiotics and eye drops the healing could be speeded up. Allergens which are caused by pollens and pets, the symptoms will only improve if you clear your eye properly. There are a lot of medications and antibiotic which can help n healing the pinkeye but there are many natural or home remedies which can help in recovery from pinkeye. 10 effective home remedies are mentioned below:

Remedy 1 – Cool compress

Cool compress-Home Remedy

Pinkeye can cause inflammation around the eye area and it can also cause irritation, inflammation can cause pain around your eyes which can cause uncomfortableness. You can use a cool and damp compress which can help in reducing the inflammation and can relieve the pain. You can use a cool compress by soaking a clean washcloth or towel in warm or cool water, after soaking all you have to do is wring out the excess water and place the cloth over your eyes for few minutes. After a few minutes remove the towel from your eyes and wash your hands.

Remedy 2 – Avoid contact with Eye

It is a known fact that if we touch an infection directly, it spreads around us. Touching or rubbing your eyes can cause the infection and symptoms to spread around which can cause you more trouble. It is directed to not touch your eyes directly with naked hands, you can use a cloth or a towel if you need to clean your eyes. Pinkeye can be contagious and in order to avoid transmission of infection, you should not touch your eyes with your hands.

Remedy 3 – Zinc Supplements 

Zinc Supplements-Home Remedy

Zinc is an essential mineral which is required by the human body for many purposes, some purposes includes functioning of the organs and body and some purposes include healing and curing of diseases. Zinc is known to be a very vital mineral from the liver to the eyes, zinc produces melanin which protects the eyes from infections and allergies. If someone is suffering from pinkeye they are suggested to take zinc supplements, it will help to fight the infection and will cure it. 

Remedy 4 – Sleeping A Lot

Sounds weird but sleeping a lot can help you get rid of pinkeye. Infections can spread if eyes are kept open for a long time as the moment of an eye will transmit the infection. Sleeping a lot will help to reduce the moment of the eye and help in reducing the infection and cure the pinkeye.

Remedy 5 – Eye Drops

Eye Drops-Home Remedy

Eye drops are very common when it comes to curing pinkeye, they can lubricate the eyes and can help in reducing the inflammation and pain. Eye drops are easily available in any medical store near your house. Just put 3-4 drops daily twice in order to see results.

Remedy 6 – Rinsing your eyes

Rinsing your eyes often can also help in reducing pinkeye. Rinsing will help to clear the pus and infection from the eyes, just make sure that after rinsing your eyes don’t touch your eyes with naked hands. You can use a towel or soaking cloth to dry your eyes after rinsing your eyes.

Remedy 7 – Stop wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses-Home Remedy

If you wear contact lenses, you may have to avoid them. Wearing contact lenses can cause damage to the eyes while you are having an infection or wearing contact lenses can also cause damage to your eyes.  Just make sure you don’t wear contact lenses until your eyes start to feel better. You can consult a doctor about whether you should wear contact lenses or not. 

Remedy 8 – Wash Towels, sheets daily

Washing your linens, towels and sheets can be a good step when you are suffering from an eye infection especially pinkeye. Towels, sheets come are the things which come in contact with the eyes, and when you are going through infections it is necessary to clean then consistently. Use hot water with washing powder to kill the infection-causing bacteria.

Remedy 9 – Discard Makeup

Sharing your makeup such as mascara, eyeliner can transmit infections, but not only sharing, your own makeup can also cause you infections. Discard your makeup in order to prevent and stay away from infections.

Remedy 10 – Warm compress

Warm compress-Home Remedy

A warm compress can also help you in the same way the cold compress helps your eye. The only difference is that warm compress can only provide relief to your eyes, but it cannot cure the condition of your eyes. Just take some hot water in a container and use a soaked cloth to soak the hot water, wring out the excess water and apply the cloth to your eye. Keep it for a few minutes and then remove the cloth from your eye, just make sure that water is not too hot.


There are many infections which can affect your eyes, pinkeye is one of conjunctivitis which is common. Pinkeye affects the area around your eye and can cause infection and inflammation. Symptoms of pinkeye are very common such as inflammation, pain, itchiness and release of green or yellow pus. Sometimes the pinkeye gets cure in 1-2 days sometimes it takes 4-5 days and in some cases, it can take a week. The treatment of pinkeye depends on symptoms and the period of infection. Medicines are easily available in medical stores which can cure pinkeye, you can use some home remedies at your own level to cure pink eye. Some remedies include cold compress, hot compress, discarding makeup and eye drops.

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