Most of the people now or later suffer from back pain. Back pain mostly occurs in old age but in some cases, it can occur in early stages too. There can be many causes of back pain, not standing in a proper posture or not sleeping well can cause back pain. Back pain can be of two types, short term and long term. Short-term back pain can be considered as the pain which we get by doing physical activities such as heavy work or not getting proper sleep but goes away after a short time whereas long-term back pain can be considered as the pain which is also caused by doing physical activities but does not go away shortly.

Some common causes of back pain include strain muscles or ligaments, muscle spasm, muscle tension, damaged disks and many others. Arthritis and bulging disks are also some main causes of long term back pain. The treatment for back pain includes intake of analgesic, narcotic, muscle relaxant, heating pads and physical therapy. In some cases where back pain has crossed a particular limit, spine surgery and orthopaedic surgery is suggested. Apart from surgeries and medicines, there are many home remedies which can help you relieve back pain. Some of them are given below.

I. Use Oils and Ointments

Oils and Ointments-Home Remedies

Using oils and ointments can help you relieve the back pain. Usually, muscles located in your back gets stiff when you get back pain. Massaging with light heated oil and ointments can help the muscles to relax and release the stiffness. For instance, you can use creams as ointments as some creams contain ingredients which can desensitize the pain channels in the affected area. You can use balms and pain removing creams to relieve the pain, in some cases it can result in skin irritation but for others, this will help to relieve pain.

II. Massaging

Muscles in the back area tend to get stiff when you are suffering from back pain, massaging those sore muscles can help them get loosen and can relieve the pain. Massaging does not only removes the back pain but also improves back function. Getting a massage from a professional will surely help you improve your back functions although it will cost you a little money.

III. Exercising

Exercising is considered to be very good for people who are going through back pain. Exercising such as stretching can help to restore muscles and can relieve the pain. While you are exercising there is constant relaxation and contraction of muscles which helps muscles to get in order and reduce further pain. Exercises which can help you with back pain include cobra pose, press ups, standing backbends and many others. Try exercising daily for at least 25-30 minutes.

IV. Epsom salt bath

Epsom Salt-Home remedies

Epsom salt which is also known as magnesium sulfate can help you relieve back pain. The warm water will help to relax the muscles but make sure that water is not too hot as it will lead to cramps. Epsom salt bath is considered to be a very effective way to reduce back pain, it is also considered good for the skin.

V. Improve your posture

It is known that sitting or sleeping in a bad posture can result in back pain. Just remember any time when you have to work for long hours for example when you are making a project report or something, did you felt back pain? Yes, sitting or sleeping in bad posture results in back pain. When someone has a habit of working for long hours daily, they get back pain. The simple way to solve this problem is to improve your posture, just try to sit with your backbone straight or sleep in a good posture which will prevent back pain. For people who have to work daily for long hours while sitting in a chair or something, just take a walk once in a while which will relax the back muscles and will prevent them to get stiff.

VI. Walk on a daily basis

Walk-Home Remedy

Sitting idle at home and doing nothing can result in back pain too. Most of the times when we are on vacations or holidays we just tend to sit around or lie whole day in bed, which in most cases result in back pain. Just try to walk 1-2 km daily which will help your back to relax and its muscles to contract and relax. A person should always include walking in his routine.

VII. Use heat and cold

Inflammation can be caused by back pain, ice packs are very helpful when it comes to reducing inflammation and relieve pain. Just wrap an ice pack inside a towel and apply it around your back it will surely help the inflammation to reduce and it will also relieve pain. A person can also use a heating pad in order to relieve stiff muscles and help them relax. If someone doesn’t have a heating pad they can use a hot water bottle by wrapping it around a towel and applying it around the back area.

VIII. Arnica

Arnica-Home Remedy

One of the homoeopathic remedies which are used to relieve back pain is arnica. Arnica can help in reducing swelling and pain. You can easily get arnica in your market area or online. Arnica comes in the form of gels and creams. All you have to do is to apply the cream or gel around your back and then massage it gently. Repeating the process 2 times a day will surely help you reduce back pain.


Nowadays, there are a lot of people including youngsters suffer from Back Pain. The main reason for this is not standing in a proper posture due to excessive use of phones and laptops. Bad posture results in the strain muscles or ligaments that ultimately cause back pain. The traditional treatment for back pain includes intake of various medicines but all the above-mentioned home remedies will be equally good to cure and prevent back pain. These include an essential salt bath, massaging, exercising and applying gels and creams. Improving your posture can also help in reducing back pain.

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