In Ayurveda, the treatment of cough is very simple and can be healed properly by following some effective home remedies. There has always been a medical health issue that affects our lives, especially in the winter season. In day to day life, we refer to this problem by the name of Cough. But what Cough actually is? A cough in medicine literature means to expel which is a protective reflex which helps in keeping the respiratory tract clean by clearing the throat of mucus or foreign irritants. It is the single most important complaint of respiratory disease(s). A cough may be associated with sputum which suggests the problem in the lower respiratory tract while a dry cough denotes anomaly in the upper respiratory tract or in the pleura.

Since women and children have a tendency to often swallow the sputum it might give a false impression of having a dry cough in them. Although an ordinary cough with throat pain is the commonest symptom seen in general practice. But if symptoms persist kindly consults your PCP [primary care provider] for relevant examination and investigation [to exclude any other pathology] like pharyngitis /laryngitis/bronchitis. Surely cough is very irritating health issue but it does not mean it can not be cured at home. Here are 12 Natural Effective Home Remedies for Cough (Ayurvedic).

More About Cough

In Ayurveda COUGH is usually divided into two main categories:

i. As disease: kasa [cough with mainly as Vata Kapha disorder].

ii. As a symptom of the disease: shwasa [difficulty in breathing] which is most of the times seen as an emergency.


Cough Medicines- Home Remedies

Remedy I

Ingredients: Milk: 250 ml, Water: 125 ml, Turmeric powder: 1 tablespoon and Jaggery: quantity sufficient.

Method: put the entire ingredient in a vessel and boil until only milk remains, thereafter sieve the mixture and drink lukewarm.

Remedy II

In Infants: take 250 mg purified borax and give it with two spoon milk.

Remedy III

Roast 2 cloves on frying pan  [within 1 minute cloves will swell, immediately take it off] and then crush and mix with 1 tablespoon milk and give lukewarm to children at bedtime.

Remedy IV

Mix equal quantity of fennel seeds powder and sugar, keep it in the mouth and swallow the juice [for a dry cough].

Remedy V

Take a pinch of Acorus calamus powder plus 2 tablespoons bitter gourd juice [from leaves] plus 2 tablespoon honey: after consuming it motion will start for some time and eventually swelling will reduce [good for a cough associated in bronchitis].

Remedy VI

Take 6 gm each bamboo juice, ginger juice, and honey and consume for 2-3 months. EBM [evidence based medicine] for cough, asthma, and anorexia.

The aforementioned remedies can be used when one caught a cough. But there are some remedies or instruction that you can follow to avoid cough way before it catches you. These are mentioned below.

Remedy VII

One should prefer taking a soft diet with minimum use of spices in vegetables.

Remedy VIII

Avoid opting for fried/hotel food; cold water/chilled food from the refrigerator.

Remedy IX

Citrus [sour] fruits can aggravate cough thus should be avoided likewise sweet fruits soothe the throat and calms the cough.

Remedy X

Gargles either with saline water/honey/purified borax and/or steam inhalation is ideal.

Remedy XI

Practice safe hygiene while coughing [use of hand/handkerchief] In order to prevent the spread of infection to other family members.

Herbal Medicines For Cough


Since modern cough syrups ingredients offer relief from a cough but cause drowsiness/dizziness as a side effect thus to overcome such problem, few herbal medicines which one can safely consume or are available OTC [over the counter] are:

1.) Classified by Acharya Charaka as kasa hara [relieving cough]: draksha [ vitis vinifera], haritki [terminalia chebula], amalaki [Indian gooseberry], punarnava [boerhavia diffusa], karkatshringi [pitacia integerrima],tamalaki [phyllanthus fraternus/niruri], haldi [turmeric], mulethi [licorice], saunf [ani seeds], tulsi [holy basil]

2.) As single/compound preparation: Sitopladi/Talisadi Churna, Shuddha Tankan, Khadiradi/Lavangadi Vati.

What to take and what to avoid?

What to take on Cough- Home Remedies

Take [PATHYA]: Old brown rice, green gram soup, black grapes, light meals, lukewarm water to drink, vegetable/meat soup, black pepper, dried ginger, honey, day time sleeping, along with either licorice, clove, cardamom, [as lozenges].

Avoid [APATHYA]: potato, leafy vegetables, dusty/cloudy environment, fish, unhygienic food/water [which is not properly cooked or remained uncovered], cold food/water, dry fruits, excess physical exertion, and suppression of natural urges.


Cough lowers productivity and one’s ability to do his or her regular work. So it must be avoided in the day to day life. One must take care of there health and fitness in the modern world due to the huge amount of workload and requirements of productivity. We hope all of the above remedies will have to keep your good health and avoid all types of cough.

PS. The choice of Remedy will vary from doctor to doctor, and from locality to locality.

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Dr Munish Sood

Dr Munish Sood

B.A.M.S, MD (Ayu) Kayachikitsa
He is an Ayurveda Specialist with working experience of almost 18 years as: Sr. Consultant cum Physician (M.D.) & Sr. R.M.O, JNANI Hospital: (An Undertaking of Tibetan Craft Community, Tashijong, Kangra), Paprola. Consulting (M.D.) & Sr. R.M.O, DTIL Hospital, Chimbalhaar, Palampur. Sr. Medical Officer, Simla Sanitarium & Hospital, Himachal Pradesh. Assistant Professor & Medical Officer, SUDAC & Hospital, Hoshiarpur.