Skin tags are soft, harmless lumps of skin which are mostly formed near or in the areas of eyelids, armpits, breasts, your neck, and groin area. These skin masses are not to be worried about. They are simply loose collagen fibres which have grown and can become stuck inside in these parts of the body. There are no specific causes for why these skin tags are formed. Some studies suggest they are formed from friction or skin brushing. Also, they are linked to obesity and diabetes and also to hormonal changes during pregnancy.


Even though these skin sores are mostly harmless, there can be various reasons for one to remove them. They can be painful when snagged by clothes or jewellery. They may cause some irritation as well. We have the solution for removing these skin tags without going to a doctor or therapist. The following over the kitchen cabinet remedies are easy to use and highly effective. So, if you are annoyed by these lesions, you can get rid of them by these home remedies:

1. Tea tree oil

tea-tree oil-Home Remedy

One of the most effective home remedies for skin tags is Tea tree oil. It has antiviral and antifungal properties which make it safe to use on your skin. Firstly, wash the area of the skin tag. Next, by the help of a cotton swab, gently apply the oil on the tag. Now massage it for a minute. Place a bandage over the area for the night. Keep repeating the treatment until the skin tag falls off.

2. Banana peel


The banana peels are also a home remedy to dry out skin tag. The peel of the banana is very useful for curing skin ailments. All you need to do is to place a piece of the banana peel on your skin tag. After some time, remove the banana peel and place a bandage over it for the night. You need to repeat this for the skin tag to dry out and fall off.

3. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many uses. It helps to treat different skin problems. All you will need is to soak a cotton swab in apple cider vinegar, and then place the cotton swab over the skin tag. After removing the swab, place bandage for 15 to 30 minutes, and then wash the skin. Repeat daily for a couple of weeks and the acidic properties of the lemon juice will make the skin tag to dry out and fall off.

4. Vitamin E


One of the factors that may cause the formation of skin tags is ageing. Vitamin E has antioxidants which help to reduce wrinkling of the skin and makes the skin more healthy. Regularly applying vitamin E will remove the skin tags in a few days and also help to prevent the formation of any skin tags in future. You can cut the vitamin E capsules and apply the oil over the tag and the surrounding skin as well.

5. Garlic


The anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties of garlic make it useful for removing skin tags. Garlic helps to improve the appearance and health of the skin. Apply a crushed or grated piece of garlic on the skin tag. Let it rest for some time. Late remove the garlic and cover the tag with a bandage. Let it covered overnight. Repeat this for a few days and the skin tag will eventually dry out and disappear.

6. Ginger


The bioactive compounds present in Ginger have many healing and anti-microbial properties. It is because of these properties that ginger is an effective home remedy for removing the skin tags. It is a household favourite for skin therapies. Firstly, you need to clean the skin tag and the surrounding area. Cut a fresh piece of ginger and rub it on the skin tag for 1-2 minutes. Let the ginger juices get absorbed into the skin. Repeat this 5-6 times a day for getting rid of the skin tag fast.

7. Coconut Oil

Skin tags can also be removed by the use of the Coconut oil. It contains alpha-tocopherol and lauric acid. Both of these help to remove skin tags painlessly in a few weeks. The coconut oil must be applied on the skin tag and then massaged. Repeat this in the morning and night and the skin tag shall fall off eventually.

8. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another effective over-the-counter home remedy. It contains the citric acid which is highly effective in removing the dead cells. It helps to remove the skin tags in the span of 2-3 weeks. You will notice that by the application of lemon juice the skin tag is slowly shrinking. All you need is a cotton swab and lemon juice. Soak the cotton swab in it and apply it on the skin tag. After some time, clean the area. Eventually, the skin tag will decompose and fall.

9. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera-Home Remedies

Aloe vera is a universal remedy that does wonders for skin tags as well. It has various wound healing properties and it is also antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. When getting rid of skin tags, aloe vera juice will not only help remove it, it will also help to heal the skin fast. You can use either aloe vera juice or fresh aloe vera gel. Apply the gel and massage it at least thrice a day.

10. Shea Butter


A lot of essential oils help to get rid of skin tags, but shea butter will not only detach the tag in a course of time but will also help to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Other skin ailments such as blemishes, wrinkled skin can be treated by the help of shea butter. It will help to nourish the skin, heal and prevent scarring as well. The fats present in it are healthy for the skin and thus make the skin tags clear out over time. It is preferred to use organic shea butter.


Skin tags are harmless and easy to remove. The aforementioned home remedies are easy to use for removing the skin tags and also healing the skin after removing the tag. These remedies are very easy to use and readily available at low costs. Most of these remedies will help you to remove tags without going through painful surgeries. If you do not find these remedies suitable to your needs, you may visit the dermatologistā€™s office anytime you feel like. The cosmetic options may be much quicker but they are not as safe as these home remedies as they may leave the skin botched and may also leave scars. A person with any skin type can use them without any issues. The remedies mentioned above are both low cost and effective options to remove skin tags.

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