The famous fennel seeds, enriched with the fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and phytonutreints, coupled with its lack of cholesterol and considered as a supportive one to heart health. You might hear about that popular among Indian‘s household, having a few fennel seeds (saunf) at the end of every meal.

Medicinal Uses

Once the facts are conveyed, you’ll be amazed. Fennel is a spice and a medicinal plant with a long tradition. These seeds are going to help you with many health issues. Where to, begin with it decreases inflammation, relieves menstrual pain, also may help with stomach/gut disorders, and improving memory, mood. It has been used to treat cough/cold, fever, cuts, stomach ache, nausea, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, insomnia, arthritis, conjunctivitis, and colic in children and also increase breast milk production. As we have always suggested that over-consumption is always not very safe, so whatever you intake with your diet routines, that should be probably checked up with the perfect health consultants or dieticians and doctors.

Fennel Seeds Roots

To start with it from roots fennel is a plant in the carrot, celery, and parsley family. Fennel seeds were originated in the Mediterranean, however today we could see that it is cultivated all over the world.

The list of seeds doesn’t end here, as we are briefing 7 Winsome Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds.

1) Helps in Indigestion

Yes, you heard it right, known for its carminative properties, fennel seeds are best to fight the indigestion issues. Overeating, we often made and after that the inside sounds and bloating is the most irritating thing we could ever face. So how about taking a few fennel seeds? These fennel seeds will start working on your imbalanced digestion system from the time you chewed them. These seeds also help avoid concentration of undigested food in the tract, thereby preventing bloating and gastric issues. Also, the present fiber content in these seeds will also help relieve constipation by absorbing water and softening stools.

2) Menstrual Pain

The menstrual pain is the worst pain, and women’s are the eyewitness of it as well as the bear witnesses. Another health benefit with fennel seeds helps stimulate the flow of blood in the pelvic and uterine area.  With this property in seeds will perfectly help to relieve menstrual pain. All, you have to make you if you are experiencing the menstrual pain. Boil a tablespoon of fennel seeds (Saunf) in some water. Boil it till the water changes color and then strain out the decoction. Once you will intake this warm water you will get relief from your menstrual pain.

3) Protect an anemic

Are you anemic? Then make sure that you are aware of the fennel seeds health beneficial fact, that these seeds are packed with iron, copper, and histidine, though all three of which are required for the production of the production and formation of red blood cells. These seeds will help increase the iron content in your body and helping in the production of hemoglobin. And, known to be especially good for pregnant woman and to keep them safe from ill effects of anemia.

4) Aids Weight Loss

With diuretic properties, fennel seeds help improve indigestion and increase our body rate of metabolism. This is the most natural way to lose weight. One study refers that, the combination of fennel seeds, aniseeds, and black cumin helps increase insulin sensitivity and can aid in weight loss.

5) Aids Acne

These seeds also have the anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties and when you will apply these seeds on the skin can give innumerable benefits.  This will also help keep your skin toned, healthy and wrinkle-free. These seeds will also help you in fighting the other signs of aging like dark spots and fine lines.

What all you to do is, boil a few fennel seeds in water till the water changes color. Then, apply it on your face, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off with the room temperature water.

6) Bad Breath

We usually have seen that these seeds (saunf) are great mouth freshener. Fennel seeds contain certain aromatic oils, which help get rid of bad odor from the mouth and aids in increasing the amount of saliva secreted in the mouth.  Apart from all these seeds also help get rid of organisms that cause the bad breath and soothe infected gums.

7) Beneficial in Breastfeed (Women’s)

Fennel seeds also founded at beneficial lactating women. The present compound in these seeds called, “anethole”, which is phytoestrogen that mimics the properties of the estrogen hormone and increases milk secretion in women.


All and all the fennel seeds are a spice and a medicinal plant with a long tradition. To start decreasing inflammation to many more health issues like menstrual pains, stomach/gut orders, memory, mood, and a number of disorders and diseases. It also supports in aiding eye care.

Feedbacks are supportive towards fennel seeds, capsules, and teas, however, all you need proper guidelines of consuming it. According to many clinical studies, fennel capsules containing 100 mg of active ingredients were given to subjects 2 or 3 times per day. Moreover, in the form of tea, this is usually taken before half an hour before (improves digestion), and up to 3 times a day for other purposes.

You may also use these seeds during your cooking sessions. Though we can suggest as much as according to the studies and few studies also recommend that excess use of fennel seeds can cause irritation, difficulty in breathing also may increase palpitations, irregular heartbeat, and various neural concerns.

Lastly, with a precise conclusion, enjoy these fennel seeds impressive benefits in moderation. Before, intake these seeds we must say, concern to your respective healthcare professionals and dieticians.

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