It tastes so well, and we cannot escape from adding this spice for our routine cuisines and Indian culinary.

The most essential spice among the all other spices and with numerous health benefits. We are discussing none other than; the Cumin Seed (Jeera). The earthy, nutty and small brown little cumin seeds are known to every individual Kitchen.

Cumin Seeds Are?

This dried form spice has been used by mankind for over the centuries. Cumin is a seed which is basically come from a flowering plant and used by ancient Egyptians in their cuisines. These seeds played a part of Greek medicinal world for almost 5000 years.

With multiple varieties and sizes, we can use these seeds naturally as well as the ground. There are so many types of spices today. And we have to admit that they are playing an important and amazing role in managing human health.

Tastes and Flavoring

Cumin seeds are warm and sour flavored, also a spice with abundant oil content. It is used in many Indian, Mexican, North American, Middle Eastern and Chinese cuisines. In Indian culinary cumin seeds are being added as a component of Indian curries and “Garam Masala“. Whether you used brown cumin or black cumin seeds both are contributing to divergent of cuisines worldwide.

Amazing 6 Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds (Jeera)

Besides its culinary uses, these seeds should get reveal from its medicinal properties as well. An excellent source of iron, these seeds are proven to be beneficial for divergent of health ailments. Aid in digestion-boosting the immune system and has anti-carcinogenic properties and more. Cumin seeds researches show that these seeds are acclaimed many health benefits. So below are our selective and “Amazing 6 health benefits of Cumin seeds”.

1) Promotes Digestion & Weight Loss

These seeds help us with its strongest benefit, beneficial in indigestion. Cumin seeds actually help to increase the release of bile from the liver. Though, bile helps us in digesting fats and few nutrients in our body gut.

Cumin seeds may help you in losing weight as well. With many studies and researches those who take high doses of cumin seeds (75 milligrams), and lime, experienced an important weight loss within 8 weeks.

2) High Source of Iron

Naturally gifted a rich source of iron “cumin seeds” will recover your RBC (red blood cells). We usually heard iron as a blood count available in the human body plays a critical role in any human. Iron is the basic presence of any healthy human, without the primary cells in muscles, (myoglobin), cannot hold oxygen. Each of our body organs cannot function properly without oxygen. Moreover, the brain is maximum dependent on oxygen for proper functioning. Though iron deficiency could be resulting in weakness in muscles, poor memory, etc. Here, for anemic people, cumin seeds are nutritious additive for you. Which will help to generate hemoglobin to carry oxygen throughout the brain and body.  

3) Cure Skin Health

Cumin seeds are rich in powerful antioxidants which will work to reverse signs of aging and damaged the skin. The present properties like antifungal and antibacterial properties these seeds have to ability to fight with caused skin infections. These seeds contain vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin C and scientifically these vitamins help in fighting skin inflammation after exposure to UV radiation and also useful in relieving signs of eczema and acne.

4) Help Relieving Insomnia

This disease is majorly experienced by many adults at some point; however, others are facing with long term (chronic) insomnia. Insomnia caused due to stress, indigestion, pain, medical conditions and more. Where there a fortunate way to deal with this is a proper intake of vitamins. Proper digestion will help alleviate insomnia without drugs. These seeds will also ease the mind and help to balance cognitive disorders.

5) May Help Prevent Diabetes

Are you a diabetic? Hypoglycemia, symptoms with sweating, shakiness, weakness, clumsiness, trouble talking, confusion, loss of consciousness and seizures, where reducing hypoglycemia will able to help prevent diabetes. Cumin seeds may be work as a lead compound and new agent for antidiabetic therapeutics because it helps improve glucose tolerance.  In a specific definition “Diabetes is a chronic state which associated with an abnormally high level of sugar (glucose) in the blood”.

6) Strengthen Bones (Improves Calcium)

It is said to be “CUMIN SEEDS” are a good source of iron; also contain calcium and manganese as well. According to studies, chronic iron deficiency induces bone resorption and risk of osteoporosis. With combination to iron and calcium, manganese and zinc will help to reduce bone loss, also manganese helps with the formation of enzymes which are involved in metabolism. Hence, cumin seeds are considered to be a good source of Bone Health.

You will find these brown/ black cumin seeds from any common food stores or shops, and online you can buy this spice. This spice is commonly used with almost each of cuisine in Indian culinary, however not every cuisine. So not over to this tremendously and amazingly healthy spice we would recommend you to add-up this spice with your traditional curries.


There are much rich text presents today that show biomedical activities of Cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) that constituents agents such as Terpenes, Phenols, and Flavonoids. And this is a reason they are frequently used in conventional medicine to treat a variety of diseases and infection (even though the seeds of cumin are extensively used as a spice for their distinctive aroma in all our foods). Some of the major health effects of cumin seeds are experimentally validated and researched for this review.

Indian spices and herbs are amazing, though we have tried to share their benefits in our divergent of articles such 5 amazing health benefits of cinnamon, splendid health benefits of fenugreek seeds, etc. Hope you find it worthy and so on. Our motive is to provide you more information and health benefits with these Spice and Herbs.

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