Today, we are here with the most interesting and the hottest ingredient of our culinary “Ginger”.

Ginger is also known as with” Zingiber officinale” a flowering plant whose root/rhizome is used as a spice. You may use this ingredient (spice) as in form of fresh, dried, powdered and as well as in the form of oil and juice.

With attempted cuisines, this unique ingredient has its own flavor which whenever merges to the food or drinks it makes them more delicious, as well as healthy.

In terms of Health benefits “Ginger” is unstoppable. This ancient spice with strongest anti-inflammatory properties also helps with arthritis and osteoarthritis, relieves nausea and pain, the power to prevent cancer, can improve respiratory conditions, and lessen flatulence, etc.


This is a leading ingredient in Asian cuisines and used in divergent ways such as; soups, rice, noodle, and stew. Worldwide, also this is used to flavor beverages such as tea, coffees, lemonades, cocktails, and even smoothies. You can say like other spices and herbs (food ingredients) this spice can be used in multiple more ways etc.

Let’s have Ginger’s Ultimate 7 Health Benefits of Ginger

1) “Ginger the Pain Reliever”

For thousands of years, ginger is naturally used as an anti-inflammatory spice, which is used to cure pain by Chinese. This may help you in relieving with nausea, arthritis, headaches, menstrual pain, and cramps, etc. Ginger contains gingerols which quash inflammation and turn off pain occurring compounds in the body.

2) Cure your irritated Skin

Ginger for Skin

According to researches if in case your skin is irritated or getting red, you may try eating ginger in the right quantity and form so it will start healing it from inside your body. As, information hints, that the available anti-inflammatory property of ginger help in soothing your red skin or irritated one.

3) Protects from Cancer

Moving to another health benefit, you may get from this amazing and ultimate spice is this may help and become a ward off serious disease as compare to other available spices and herbs. This is actually full of antioxidant property which may help you to protect the body from a serious disease as “Cancer.”

4) “Anti-Aging Ginger”

With an antioxidant property, this spice may actually help in skin elasticity and smoothness. This is a reference to get the protection of the skin and get free from radicals, which will fight against things like pollution and UV rays. And this will leads to speed up the breakdown of collagen and damage skin. Before using directly over to your skin has a trial or done under proper guideline.

5) Ginger helps in quick Digestion


Ginger is also considered an aid to digestion and saliva flow. You can try it as on practicality basis with having a cup of tea consuming ginger which will help your stomach getting empty faster. According to studies taking ginger could lessen nausea and vomiting (in some pregnant women). So get this spice which can calm your stomach and stave off the bloating and gas.

6) Reduces Nausea

Ginger also offers a remedy for nausea, whether you are dealing with stuff like a hangover, enduring a bumpy road trip, or recovering from chemotherapy or pregnancy- morning sickness, then you must try this hottest spice.

7) Boosts The immune system of Body

If it does have a property like anti-inflammatory, then it is definitely gifted with antimicrobial and antifungal properties which helps in fighting with caused of infections and boosts your body immunity.

Other than this Ginger isn’t end with its health benefits as; it can cure you with bad cholesterol, can be ward off cardiovascular disease, ease to relieve in period cramps, and get ease with joints and muscles pain, etc.

You may Enjoy Ginger With

Enjoy ginger fresh in cooking within delicious curries. Peel a chunk of the ginger root and then grate, finely chop, slice or crush it in a garlic crusher.

Fresh ginger tastes amazing when it is combined with garlic, fish, pork, chicken, beef, shellfish, beans, pumpkin, and Chinese green vegetables.

How could we forget about our Indian famous home-made ginger tea: place 2 or 3 slices of fresh ginger in a cup and pour over boiling water!

Leave for a couple of minutes and then drink. The longer you leave it, the hotter it gets! You can also add some lemon juice and honey to taste.

Dried or ground ginger has a long history as a flavoring for cakes, biscuits, and puddings, etc.

You can try Pep up Japanese meal with pickled ginger on the side.

Indulge in a few squares of crystalline ginger as an after-dinner for quick digestions to be completed.

Try half of teaspoon of dried ginger to two cups of flour in your favorite fruit cake, cookies or muffins.

We hope you find and started liking Ginger more as not with the flavored part but also as a healthy spice!

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