A chiseled body might make your first impression as impressive, but what about if your thoughts and personality are in deep unhappy? Life isn’t easy these days; hence we face a lot of mental health issues whether it relates to personal or professional lives both. Problems aren’t less, as they always knock on our life which automatically causes to our mental health.

What is Mental Health?

With an average scientifically statement we can say,” Mental Health is all about a level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental sickness”, clear state of an individual who is functioning at an as satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustments.

Mental Health Types

Assuming mental health is all about mental patients, well no, according to searches if an individual has been diagnosed with a mental issue then there are types of mental health which are as follow:

Anger, anxiety (panic attacks), Bipolar disorder, Depression, eating problems, hearing voices, stress, many more which actually takes any human to a different level of the world of a situation where there could be only found sadness, anxiety, and loneliness.

5 Best Yoga Exercises or Cures for Depression

Yoga is something you could say, “Much more than a fitness regimen”. This old way of activity (practice) is all about soothing the mind as well as body with its unique set of physical postures, breathing exercises and meditative practices. Today, with an aim to help you with your depression (mental health issues) we are going to reveal you up with some best of the yoga asanas (exercises) to fight up with this long cause called “DEPRESSION”.

1) Mountain Posture (Asana)

We want you to take a move or start with the easiest amongst all asana, which will warm-up your body first, and then help in relieving out your depressive thoughts.

Precise Method

a) Stand straight on the floor /Ground and take a small gap between the feet.

b) Start deeply breathing (inhale), raise both arms.

c) Keep arms upward by interlocking the fingers.

d) Now come on the toes by raising heels simultaneously.

Other Benefits: Improves human Standing posture, Strengthens thighs, knees, and ankles, increase awareness, Stabilize breathing, also increase strength, power, mobility in the feet, legs, and hips, etc.

2) Child’s Posture (Asana)

Child's Pose

The relaxing posture, Child’s pose will is best in relieving depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Precise Method

a) Take a position like of praying with the support of your knees hip-width apart and feet together behind you.

b) Now, try to lengthen your neck and spine by stating ribs away from your tailbone and the crown of your head away from your shoulders, and rest your forehead on the ground, with both arms extended out in front of you.

c) Again you can hold this for posture for 3 minutes.

Other Benefits: While lessening your depression and anxiety and fatigue, this asana will also help delicately relaxes your muscles (front of the body), also stretches hips, thighs, ankles (back torso) as well.

3) Chair Backbend (Viparita Dandasana)

Moving to another asana which may help you in battling depression which feels like a fight for your life. The asana called Virparita Dandasana.

Precise Method

a) You may place a folded blanket across the seat of the folding chair.

b) Sit backward through the chair with your knees bent.

c) Hold the top of the chair back and lift your chest.

d) After that, you can lay your back over the seat of your chair, which will support your upper back with straightening legs.

e) Curve up your arms through the bottom rungs of the chair and hold the chair’s back legs.

4) Shoulderstand with Chair

This posture takes you completely inverted, though you will feel the relaxation response on immediate as an effect. Not with a very easy one you have to carefully practice this asana.

Precise Method

a) You may locate your folding chair about a foot away from the wall.

b) Pad it (chair), with a folded blanket and you may place two folded blankets on the floor at the lower level of the seat of the chair.

c) Then, you have to drape your knees over the back of the chair, holding onto the sides and also lower the torso so that the head can move towards the floor.

d) Continuous this lowering till you’re back of the head rests on the floor and shoulders should rest on the edge of the blankets, where you have to move your arm through the bottom of the chair, hold onto the back of the chair.

e) Your sacrum should be resting on the chair as the legs lift up and pull on the legs of the chair with arms and slowly move the back ribs towards the front body open the chest.

5) Plow Posture

Remember that pose which also called our resting pose; “Plow Pose”, which also helps in curing back pain! This is the asana which is most calming pose for our nervous system which helps in relieving irritability which develops from the present depression.

Precise Method

a) To begin with simple lying flat on your back and with your legs extended, with your arms at your sides, palms down.

b) While inhalation, use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs and butt up towards the roof.

c) Now, try to extend your arms along the floor and interlace your fingers.

d) Hold this pose as long as comfort you to get a powerful stretch in your shoulders and spine.

So, try these super amazing Yoga Exercises which may help you in curing your Depression, as well as the causes (anxiety and fatigue), etc. Stay fit and stays happy!

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