Nobody actually likes waiting for hours and sitting on the pot for being getting fresh. We usually escape to discuss it, we really don’t want to talk about it, but being constipated is really uncomfortable.

Being in constipation means a direct signal towards the unhealthy body, as much as you may have heard about most of the health issue develops from our stomach issues which actually could be a lead of any major disease!

Symptoms of Constipation

During constipation, stomach feels strained, bloated, full, and swell as well (from inside). Though we face the issue of; feeling like never completely able to clear the bowels and confusion stuck in our heads as that if we are done with it or not.

In terms of medical theory, “constipation is classified with passing small no. (Three stools per week)”, or dealing with hard stools, trouble with bowel movements, etc.

We commonly have tried an option of taking pills and over the counter its home remedies, which turns to be successful and fix it as quickly as it can, but unless we treat this problem form its source, these treatments will be just a temporary cover-up for your underlying major issue.  

Why Constipation Knock On?

What occurs in mind once we think of constipation knock on? This painful discomfort actually takes place with our imbalance diet, eating habits, traveling or lack of physical activities, stress, less of water intake, etc.

Yoga Cures Constipation

Unless we will not try it, we will not see the difference. Yoga is a blessing from ancient times which always helps us with its uncountable health benefits to human health/ body. Yoga is the activity which actually works with improving digestive health and regular bowel movements within treating constipation. So majorly, the permanent cure towards constipation, we are revealing the best 5 Yoga exercise and Treatment for constipation.

1) Downward Facing Dog

When we stretch our whole body; automatically tension/stress release, which will help you in treating constipation. This asana will also help in relieving any buildup in the digestive tract (bowels movement) and help you an end of constipation.

Downward Dog Pose

Precise Method

a) From child pose, keep your hands on the floor, and sit up on your knees and slowly lift your butt and press backward into downward facing the dog.

b) Now spread fingers wider, and work on straightening your legs and lowering the heels towards the ground.

c) You have to keep relax your head between both arms and direct stare through your legs or up towards your belly button. You may hold this posture for 3 minutes.

2) Child’s Pose

We have seen this asana frequently stated under and help in curing many body/ health issues. As we know it is a stress-relieving pose, and as we mentioned over time, stress accumulates and harm us with digestive heath which can lead to constipation and to fight it with from roots, this asana will works relieving tension and reduce stress.

Precise Method

a) Take a position like of praying with the support of your knees hip-width apart and feet together behind you.

b) Now, try to lengthen your neck and spine by stating ribs away from your tailbone and the crown of your head away from your shoulders, and rest your forehead on the ground, with both arms extended out in front of you.

c) Again you can hold this for posture for 3 minutes.

3) Vajraasana (Thunderbolt Pose)

This asana is considered as one of the best for curing or treating constipation and indigestion. With adding up it on your list this is the easiest asana you can do with which it will improve body blood circulation and abdominal region.

Precise Method

a) To start with this yoga exercise, you have to start it with by sitting with legs folded inside so that your calves should touch the thighs and legs should be stated on either side of the anus.

b) All your knees, feet and toes should be aligned in a straight line.

c) And all your upper body including the back, shoulder, and neck should be straight.

d) Your hand should be placed on your knees.

4) Cobra Pose

It will help in tone up the organs that lie in the abdomen, which will help you improve the function of the digestion system. Where it will strengthen the abdominal muscles and clean up the digestive tract. This asana is useful curing constipation and indigestion system.

Precise Method

a) Firstly lie down on your stomach, and place your forehead on the floor.

b) Keep your feet together or hip part width apart.

c) The feet fingers at the tops; hence feet pressing against the floor, and lift your waist and raise your head while inhaling in.

d) Keep the elbows straight and put equal pressure on both palms. And slightly tilt your head back and shoulders should be in distance/ away from your eyes. Exhale, during you, are coming back to the ground.

5) Paschimottanasana

Moving to another asana which is considered excellent treating constipation and digestive disorders- deep intraabdominal compression massages and abdominal viscera which will provide you relief in (constipation) and more.


Precise Method

a) To start with this, please sit up with our back straight and toes pointing outwards.

b) Raise your hands over the head the stretch and breathe in during this step.

c) While exhaling, start to move deeper into forwarding fold, and keep in mind to don’t let your feet or knees turn out.

d) Please assure during this asana while breathing out, keep the navel close to your knees.

So here we discussed 5 Best Poses for healing constipation which will also improve your digestive system. Yoga is the best activity that making it a little time each day to practice will provide a good healthy body.

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