In today’s article, we are going to discuss very common disease called thyroid, which can be seen in two to three percent of the entire population. With a butterfly-shaped gland in the human front neck which makes thyroid hormones start slowly controlling the body energy, which actually affects the way nearly every organ in the human body including the heart beats.

Thyroid Symptoms

a) Dry Skin

b) Pale color

c) Puffy face

d) Constipation

e) Hoarse Voice

This is more likely according to researches and conclusions that this disease is mostly finding in women as compared to men’s, where one in eight women develops thyroid problem during her lifetime, which can later cause to problems with menstrual period, getting pregnant, and during pregnancy as well.

We have analyzed that with many kinds of thyroid diseases affect women where the major one is hypothyroidism, which does not make enough thyroid hormones. It can be also known as underactive thyroid, which slows down the many of your body’s function like human metabolism.

We could relate the fact of being in stress which often associated with the thyroid problems, to get heal Yoga might become a beneficial cure for human thyroid health.

Thyroid Fact

According to year wise studies, there are some practical examples which actually founds that the 6 months of yoga practice helped to improve the cholesterol levels and levels of thyroid- stimulating hormones, as results this lessens the need of the thyroid replacement therapy in women suffering from hypothyroidism.

Yoga for Thyroid

So, following effective 5 Yoga exercises for thyroid we are going to elaborate you, where each of the poses is easy to try at home with yoga mat, also which will slowly starts showing its effect with focusing on stimulating the throat, will improves circulation, as well as stretch and strengthen the neck where actually thyroid the located.

1) Sarvanganasana (Shoulder Stand Exercise)

This asana is also best to get relief in piles, whereas this asana technique of being upside down inversion will help in increasing blood flow to the throat, as result, it will stimulate the thyroid.

i) Lie down on the floor with the back support, legs stretched and hands by the side.

ii) Lift your legs until it makes a 90 degree with the torso.

iii) Now, pull the legs up by lifting your waist with the support of your palms and getting support by stating the elbows on the ground.

iv) Hold this posture for a minute and then lower your body in slow motion.

v) Now, put the legs flat on the ground slowly and get into a sleeping position.

2) Halasana (Plow Pose)

Plow Pose

This asana will cure you with back pain and also believed to stimulate the thyroid as well. So do not miss this exercise in your list for an amazing benefit to receive from it.

i) Let’s begin with shoulder stand posture

ii) Bring your both legs right over and behind the head

iii) Now, rest your toes on the floor behind the head

iv) Keep your lower back supported with hands throughout

v) While, doing the same take deep breath three times, and again bring up on both legs back above the head.

vi) And, then slowly down your legs back towards the floor, keeping the core engaged.

3) Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

A piles healer, what makes you do skip this asana, add this asana in your list to not just get relief from your pile’s problem, however, it is a cure for the thyroid patients as well. After shoulder and plow, you may stretch up your body with this amazing counterpose.

i) Lay down flat on your support of back, and actively your legs should be together and hands should be comfortably beside your body.

ii) Now, state your palms under your butt such that the palms are facing towards the ground, and bring elbows closer to each other and placing close to your waist.

iii) Cross the legs so that your feet should cross each other at your central, and your thighs and knees should be placed flat on the floor.

iv) Breathe in and lift the chest, so that your head is also lifted, and crown touches the floor.

v) And on next, balance keeps the weight of your body on your elbows, not on your head. Pressurize your shoulder blades during the lifted chest. Hold this posture until comfortable you feel like so.

vi) Later, exhale and release the posture, lifting the head first and then dropping your chest towards the ground.

4) Setu Bandha (Bridge Pose)

i) Bridge posture, which represents good strengthening to human back, also helps in promoting thyroid health.

ii) It actually becomes as progressing, connections and stability towards our health.

iii) To begin with this asana, you may lay down on the mat with the support of back on the floor.

iv) Draw your feet inwards towards hips.

v) Make sure to keep the feet and knees in the line with the hips.

vi) Now, with keeping arms by your side of the body, press the palms into the floor.

vii) On, another lift your hips up towards the sky, and try to put your palms on the lower back for support, which might be difficult.

viii) Keep your chin tuck into the chest, and deep breath around three times.

ix) Now, slowly lower your hips to come out of the posture.

5) Sirshasana (Headstand Pose)

The “king of all yoga poses” this asana is a range of claimed to be health advantage, which increases the blood flows to glands in your head and helps in improving and regulate their function.

This asana is not that easy to perform, as acts directly on the thyroid glands. Please perform this asana under the supervision of and expertise on your first attempt.

i) Keep your knees forward along with the forearms on the mat

ii) Draw together the edges of fingers together with your elbows at shoulder width and press the inner wrists firmly into the mat.

iii) Take your crown of the position into the mat and gently push the back of the head up against the palms of the open hands.

iv) Now, lift your knees up from the mat during inhaling.

v) Bring your feet closer to the elbows and elevate the heels to form an inverted V shape.

vi) During, exhaling lift you’re both feet off the mat simultaneously, and then turn upper thighs while pushing the toes towards the ceiling, straightening out the knees.

vii) While, balancing between the forearms and elevating shoulders upward, ensure your weight to be balanced too.

viii) And, when your both legs are fully lengthened, press towards upside through the big toes.

ix) Initially, with the start keep a hold on this pose from 5-10 seconds and then increased by a further 5 seconds on each time you will repeat this in future.

x) As, at the end like all asanas, you should slowly bring your feet back toward the mat while exhaling, and keeping shoulders pushing to upward until both feet reach the mat.

Simple Tip for Yoga Lovers: Make sure and stay in your yoga activity for as long as it feels comfortable, as slowly you may increase your time duration, however, beginners shall try one or two exercises and can build on this each time as they practice and become expertise into it.

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