The necessity of being healthy has become a priority of our youth nowadays. Might be you have seen the surroundings that how much our generations are obsessed to have not only good shape body but a healthier one. Considering the fact of being in working and our job styles we have not much time to take care of ourselves, as results, we face new issues or ailments with coming new day to day life.

We all are very well aware of being stuck with our daily routines, about 9-10 hours we are on our working modes where usually we have to continuously sit and work, on another part few marketers, might face a different health issue.

It is not that we aren’t interested to take care of ourselves or we aren’t curing it by divergent methods which could be considered as; Gym, Yoga classes, add-up on herbal teas (Green Tea), add on supplementary capsules, vitamins, etc, and few with a proper medication with Allopathy, Ayurveda, Herbal, homeopathy etc.

Back Pain: Cause, and Treatments

Our today’s article is based on a very major health issue which has become very common nowadays. According, to studies about 73% of patients with spine problem are facing Lower Back Pain, which has been increased so dramatically world over that it is now being called as the foremost cause of disability worldwide.

What causes low back pain?

Majorly, back pain has many underlying reasons, however, no often specific cause will be found and the pain will stop. This will require proper evaluation and diagnosis and you must be sure about an individual symptom as well with the concerned doctor. Whereas, it could be caused by involving disease or injury to the muscle, bones, and nerves of the spine. Normal pregnancy could be one of the reasons, disorders within the abdomen such as appendicitis, kidney disease or kidney infection, bladder infections, etc.

With severe cases, we would recommend you to take medical attention which might be necessary, however, if your pain is severe than here we are helping you with 7 Yoga Exercises to strengthen the back and get relief from your back pain.

1) Cat/Cow Pose

This exercise not only helps you in lower back pain but also helps in relieving stress from menstrual cramps. Also, this will increase your flexibility of neck, shoulder, and spine.

Precise Method: You can start on taking a pose like a tabletop with the support of hands and knees, and pull your belly in and round your spine, lower back, shoulder, and neck, letting your head drop downwards. Keep this for 15 seconds.

2) Spinal Twist Pose

Spinal Twist Pose Yoga Exercise for Back Pain

With spinal twisting posture, you have divergent options, where one of the basic and fruitful ones is Marichyasana C.

Precise Method: Keep your left leg straight and bend your right leg, where your foot will automatically is flat. Now, place the right hand on the floor behind you for the support, like a tripod, and twist so you can hold your left elbow over the right thigh. Whereas another way you can also hold your right knee and twist to look over your right shoulder.

3) Downward Dog Pose

Downward Dog Pose

The best part of these exercises (asanas) is it’s not only effective for the back pain; however multiple body issues can be cured.  This exercise is also effective towards weight loss, whereas it is also considered as the best cure for the back pain as well. The iconic posture/ exercise in yoga, which actually rejuvenates your entire body.

Precise Method: From child pose, keep your hands on the floor, and sit up on your knees and slowly lift your butt and press backward into downward facing the dog. Now spread fingers wider, and work on straightening your legs and lowering the heels towards the ground. You have to keep relax your head between both arms and direct stare through your legs or up towards your belly button. You may hold this posture for 3 minutes.

4) Bow Pose

Bow Pose yoga exercise for Back pain

With the easiest one, always a beginner should start with these effective yoga exercises, as our next posture is Bow Pose.

Precise Method: Lay down your face, and move your hands towards the ankles to hold them. Now, slowly lift your chest and thighs away from the floor, and stating your chest forward and the back of your thighs towards the sky. This will strengthen your back muscles; however it is quite an intense exercise, so if you have a back injury kindly do it under proper guideline.

5) Child’s Pose

Child's Pose (Yoga Asana)

The relaxing posture, Child’s pose will stretch your entire back and your hips. This actually takes the pressure off your lower back by elongating and aligning the spine.

Precise Method: Take a position like of praying with the support of your knees hip-width apart and feet together behind you. Now, try to lengthen your neck and spine by stating ribs away from your tailbone and the crown of your head away from your shoulders, and rest your forehead on the ground, with both arms extended out in front of you. Again you can hold this for posture for 3 minutes.

6) Plow Pose

Plow Pose (Yoga Asana)

Our resting pose, Plow pose also stretches the spine and shoulders during rejuvenating the nervous system. This pose actually keeps you calm and relaxes the nervous, brain and heart.

Precise Method: To begin with simple lying flat on your back and with your legs extended, with your arms at your sides, palms down. While inhalation, use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs and butt up towards the roof. Try to extend your arms along the floor and interlace your fingers. Hold this pose as long as comfort you to get a powerful stretch in your shoulders and spine.

7) Locust Pose

This pose (yoga asana) will help in strengthen and increase flexibility throughout the entire back of the body (including spine, legs, buttocks and all of the muscles surrounding the ribs and upper torso.

Precise Method: Lay down with the support of your stomach with arms beside you, palms up, you and your forehead flat on the floor. Now, slowly lift your head, upper torso, arms, and legs away from the floor. During this, your thighs should be rotated little and you have to feel that your body elongated from head to toe. Keep this for 30 seconds and then a minute.

So, start doing these useful effective yoga exercises soon to get rid of unusual back pain. Before to begin with these beautiful yoga asanas, make sure to get a piece of advice from the expertise.

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